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Steve Jaffe – Webinar Selling And Sponsorship Intensive

Steve Jaffe – Webinar Selling And Sponsorship Intensive
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“Attract Money On Command And Sell ANYTHING With An Almost ‘Magic’ Webinar Sales Formula From Steve Jaffe”

Module 1: “How To Craft An Irresistible ‘Hook’ For Your Webinar That Pulls In Registrations And Sales”

Why This Module Matters: Webinars are very common. To maximize results, you must get your webinar to stand out above the noise.

What You’ll Learn:
– How To Choose Webinar Topics That Hit Your Prospect’s Unique “Pain Points” And Dramatically Boost Your Chances Of Having A “Hit” Webinar
– How To Craft A Unique Selling Prosposition That Differentiates Your Webinar From The Hundreds Of Other Webinars In The Industry
– How To embed A Unique Benefit Or “Hook” Into The Title Of Your Webinar That Magnetically Compels People To Register And (More Importantly) Attend

Module 2: “How To Maximize Registrations And Leads”

Why This Module Matters: Maximizing headcount increases sales. Because each webinar registrant can get added to your list as a lead, you can easily generate 11-16 leads daily with webinars. Webinars are a potent, under-used “lead generation” source.

What You’ll Learn:
– How To Get 50% Opt-In On Your Webinar Registration Page 30%-40% Is Standard. Same Traffic, Almost Double The Result.
– How To Generate “Double Leads” That Both Register For Your Webinar And Get Added To Your List At The Same Time So You Can Market To Them For Years.
– Simple, Fun Ways Use Facebook To Easily Generate To 11-16 Leads And Registrations Per Day- For Only $0.23 Per Lead/Registrant! (This Is CRITICAL If You Don’t Have A “List”.)
– How To Promote Your Webinar Effectively To Your “List” (If You Have One) So A Flood Of People Pile Onto Your Webinar, Eager To Learn And Buy.

Module 3: “How To Get Registrants To Actually Show Up” (The #1 “Money Skill” And Steve’s Specialty!)

Why This Module Matters: Only people who ATTEND your event will buy. And not everyone who registers shows up. Maximizing the “show” rate is CRITICAL to your bottom line.

What You’ll Learn:
– Steve’s Pioneering Tactics That Get A Ridiculous 60% Of Registrants To Attend – When 30%-40% Attendance Is Considered “Normal”.
– How To Intensify Registrants’ Desire To Attend Your Webinar, Using An Email Sequence That Pushes The Prospect’s “Hot Buttons”
– Why Bribing People With A “Free Gift” To Attend Can Actually LOWER Attendance And Sales Conversions.
– The Crafty Strategy Steve Uses That Compels People To Show Up 15-30 Minutes Early For Your Webinar, So You Have A “Full House” As Soon As Your Webinar Begins.

Module 4: “The Webinar Template That Closes Like Crazy”

Why This Module Matters: CLOSING gets you paid. Period.

What You’ll Learn:
– The 25-Point Webinar Blueprint That Predictably Closes 14%-17% Of Attendees Into Sales Priced $297-$497
– How To Boost Sales Using Influence Triggers Such As Authority, Reciprocity, Social Proof, Liking And Scarcity.
– How To Compel 82% Of Attendees To Stay Until The End And See Your Offer
– The Body Posture “Hack” Steve Learned From A Harvard Psychologist That Enables You To Exude Confidence When Presenting And Close 21% More Sales

Module 5: “The Post-Webinar Sales ‘Bump’”

Why This Module Matters: Marketing your webinar effectively to people who did NOT attend your event is key to maximizing sales from your webinar. Skipping this step is just burning money.

What You’ll Learn:
– How To Promote Your Webinar Replay Properly To Squeeze An Additional 21%-32% Sales From Your Webinar
– How To Use A “Done For You” Template To Create A Professional-Looking “Sales Page” That Closes Sales For Days After Your Webinar
– The Simple But Deadly-Effective Way To Close Webinar Attendees Who Have Lingering Questions And objections After Your Webinar

Module 6: “How To Easily Measure, Review And Improve Your Webinar Results To Scale To Any Level Of Income On Demand”

Why This Module Matters: Continuous improvement allows you to make each webinar more profitable than the last! Getting to earning $10,000 or more per webinar is literally just a matter of continuous improvement and scale.

What You’ll Learn:
– “Metrics For Dummies”: How To Squeeze Every Dime Of Profit From Your Efforts By Tracking Your Webinar Metrics And Separate From 99.9% Of Webinar Marketers Who Shoot In The Dark And Leave Money On the Table
– How To Assess And Continuously Improve Every Webinar You Do, From Registration Through Closing, So Every Webinar Puts More Money Into Your Pocket Than The Last
– How To Quantify EXACTLY How Much You Can Afford To Advertise To Promote Your Webinar. Know This, And You Can Scale Your Webinar Audience Almost Infinitely With Paid Traffic!

BONUS #1: Templates For Your Webinar Presentation, Registration Page, And Follow-Up Campaigns
BONUS #2: “Swipe File” Of Emails To Promote Your Webinars And Get Registrants To Attend
BONUS #3: Video Training: “How To Create ‘Automated Webinars’ For Massive Leverage, Time Freedom, And Autopilot Income”


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