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Steve Nison – Profiting With Japenese Candlestick Charts

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Ripped from my person collection only available here at

Profiting With Japanese Candlestick Charts (4 DVDs)
Secrets to Becoming a Samaurai Trader (2 DVDs)
Includes eBooks, Notes, and Candlestick Companion


What’s the Best Way to Discover
Steve Nison’s Most Important Candle Charting Secrets?

With the Trading Triad® Trading Success System

Filmed Live at Steve’s Full-Day Seminars.
Over 11 hours!

Hi, Steve Nison here.

As you probably know, I was the first to reveal candlestick charts to the West. And my goal is helping you become the best trader possible. How? By showing you how to fully exploit candlestick charts to help increase profits and decrease market. And to make sure you are using them correctly!

That is why I am excited to announce my complete Trading Triad® DVD workshop series covering candlesticks, merging candlesticks with western techniques and money management.

Filmed at my rare full day seminars, these DVDs are so comprehensive … so loaded with “ready-to-use” methods, tips, techniques, and ideas … you’ll be ready to trade like a pro! That’s because I divulge many of the very same secret trading tactics that I have taught to market makers, institutional traders and professional hedge fund and money managers around the world.

In my first DVD workshop series, Profiting with Japanese Candlestick Charts, I start with the basics and then carefully hand picked the most important candle signals (including my all time favorite candle signal). And then, using my 30+ years experience in Western technical’s I show how easy and powerful it is to combine candles with western tools. On a level from 1 to 10 this will take you to
a 5.

Secrets to Becoming a Samurai Trader: Advanced Candlestick Charting Techniques will take you to a level 10! Here I focus on the third leg of the Trading Triad ® – Money Management. In this ground breaking DVD course, I present powerful methods (many are revealed only here) for trading with candlestick charts with maximum precision and effectiveness. And the special section on intraday candles will teach you how to use them to get “hidden” support or resistance even if you normally use daily charts.

As a reviewer in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine said, “This DVD is such a treat! Traders should be aware if they believed they have learned everything from Steve Nison.”

Important note for those who have my books: My books only take you to a level 2 or 3. And more importantly, all my newest techniques and strategies are revealed only in my live seminars or my DVD workshops (my DVDs are filmed at my live seminars). Here are some sample testimonials from those who read my books, and then watched the DVDs – “I thought I knew 90% of candlesticks. After seeing the DVD I realized I only knew about 10%” and “I’ve read his books- but now I finally got it”

Each of these powerful DVD sets is like attending one of Steve Nison’s live seminars!
ou can review this valuable information over and over again at your convenience!
Together, Steve’s Profiting With Japanese Candlestick Charts (DVD#1) and Secrets To Becoming a Samurai Trader (DVD #2) form his Trading Triad® of Technical Analysis. This proprietary trading strategy (pioneered and registered by Steve Nison) forges together the most important aspects of three trading methodologies: 1) Candlesticks; 2) Western tools and 3) Money Management
These techniques and strategies can be used in all markets – including Forex.

These DVD workshops are incredible learning experiences. You’ll learn how to protect your trading capital and make better trading decisions every single day Here’s what you receive:

Steve Nison, discloses his favorite candlestick and western tools, techniques and strategies in this six-hour DVD workshop.

Filmed at one of his full day live seminars, this workshop is perfectly tailored to those new to candlesticks or those who want to make sure they are using candlesticks correctly and to their maximum profit potential.

Discover Steve’s all time favorite candlestick signal (this alone is worth the price of the DVD!) Learn the importance of risk/reward analysis. See how to merge candle signals with western signals. These are many of the very same techniques Steve uses for his institutional clients.

Just some of the exciting features of this workshop include:

   * Special focus on money management such as when to enter and exit trades, looking at candles in context and being a market chameleon by adapting to the market.
   * The newest refinements for high success trading with candles.
   * Extra focus on using intraday candle charts – for day and swing traders.
   * This is the only way (besides Steve’s live seminars) that you get can this secret information.
   * Learn Nison Trading Principles – Steve’s core trading guidelines for successful trading.
   * BONUS: Special “Test Your Knowledge” Section: Over 20 extra charts with nearly 50 in depth interactive questions (and answers) tests and refines your candlestick trading skills.

Order the Trading Triad Workshop – Profiting with Japanese Candlestick Charts and Secrets to Becoming a Samurai Trader – and Get Steve’s Latest Book The Candlestick Course FREE!

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