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Steven Dux (Timothy Sykes’ student) – The Duxinator – High Odds Penny Stock Trading

Steven Dux – The Duxinator
[35 MP4 + 2 PDF + 2 DOCX]

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• Recent trading performance
• How to avoid emotional mistakes / major mistakes i am still making in trading
• How to perfect your strategy – what my tracking results is
• Trade selection / range selection
• Volume prediction (resistance vs support)
• Brief example of using statistics in trading
• New strategies + adding more details into old patterns
• Double layer resistance
• Bounce + gap up short
• Dip buying morning spike on crowded tickers
• Double intraday top
• Dip buying multi-runner’s major panic
• Risk management methods through different patterns and categories.
• Identifying neutralized area(s)
• Individual and consistent resistances (adding resistance)
• How to spot correct individual resistance and consistent resistance (range, date)
• How to read average short and average long (entries) to counter on the opposite side
• Float rotation statistics
• Indecisive trades
• Restricted range
• Volume gap theory…

His sources…

There was a GB going on ( here ), but captainofTV could not upload it, so I asked netvicar and he gave me permission. Thanks netvicar.


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