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Subscription Site Insider – Online Subscription Benchmark Report 2013

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Subscription Site Insider – Online Subscription Benchmark Report 2013

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The 2013 Online Subscription Benchmark Report is a lot more than just numbers and benchmarking data (although it certainly has plenty of valuable charts and graphs — more than 300 in fact) to help you make profitable decisions about your subscription business. What makes this brand new report even more valuable is the useful best practices advice contained in this comprehensive 315-page document.

Our editors spent countless hours reviewing B2B and B2C paid content sites, talking to executives to find out what works, what doesn’t and how to most effectively use your marketing dollars to monetize digital content. Below is a sampling of some the questions you’ll get answered.

Marlene Jensen, CEO, Pricing Strategy Associates & Marketing Professor at Lock Haven University wrote:

”Wow! A wealth of insider information you can’t afford to be without if you own, or want to own, a subscription or paywall site/service. Heck, just the information on the most cost-effective acquisition sources is worth the cost of the report — and it’s only one of more than hundreds critical-info charts. If you’re in the industry, and you don’t have this report, you might as well concede to your competitors right now and avoid the drubbing!”

Your Top 10 Questions Answered:

• What’s the most cost-effective way for me to gain new subscribers to my website?

• What’s a typical conversion rate for subscribers in my niche?

• Should I be a freemium, metered or completely paywalled site? How will this decision affect my traffic and conversions?

• How can I improve my paywall to get more conversions?

• Should I only sell subscriptions, or look for alternate revenue streams? If so, which ones?

• Can I expect international subscribers to pay with credit cards? If not, what are the most popular payment methods in other countries?

• What’s typical pricing for monthly and annual subscriptions in my nice?

• How much of my operating budget should I spend on Web development? What about Editorial and Marketing/Sales?

• Should I launch a mobile app? A tablet edition? Both?

• Should I bundle my online access with either print or tablet editions? Do I charge the same price or more?

Jamie Darnow, Former CMO, Consumer Reports wrote:

”The 2013 Online Subscription Benchmark Report is one of the most comprehensive and insightful report I ever reviewed in the digital marketing industry. I strongly recommend this report to marketers and digital practitioners interested in understanding best practices within the B2C and B2B markets. The depth and diversity of the marketing data contained in the report makes it a must-have for any person or organization hoping to compete and succeed in this marketplace.”

Hands Down, the Most Useful Report You’ll Find To Help Build Your Subscription Site Business

You’ll find detailed competitive intelligence, best practices for your specific industry, in-depth research on how to get targets to pay for your content. Organized by niche, this report contains information you can put to use immediately to raise online subscription sales and retention rates. Specifically, the report covers the following niches:

• Business/industry information sites

• News sites

• Magazine and general interest sites

• Entertainment sites

• Dating and connecting sites

• Financial and investing sites

• Online directory and database sites

• E-learning/eCourses

• Directories & databases

• Within each of these niches, you’ll discover data on the best pricing strategies, types of trial offers being used and what’s working, typical conversion rates, revenues generated and more.

Jonathan Gordon, Partner, Atwood Capital Partners wrote:

”Provides a much-needed and impressive distillation of best practices and benchmarks from established players and new entrants that is in step with the evolution of subscription-based information offerings.”

How To Develop Content for Tablets & How To Navigate International Waters …

You can also dive into the special section dedicated to tablet and mobile subscriptions, giving executive insight into where the industry is headed and how you can prepare for the next digital disruption.

Plus, the report offers highlights of international markets for an essential global perspective. (If you’re on the Web you’re in international markets so you better know how to navigate the waters.)

Or, if growth through acquisition is in your plans, keep track of recent transactions to size and scope activity.

This impressive report is only $497 — that’s less than $1.60 a page, and far more cost effective than hiring a consultant to conduct such in-depth competitive research and analysis.

Who Will Find This Report Very Useful:

• Subscription site publishers who want research-based advice on tactics to improve revenues this fiscal quarter

• Ad-based online publishers considering adding (or switching to) a subscription model to add to revenues.

• eBook publishers considering transitioning to a subscription model to generate steadier, ongoing revenues from your subject matter expertise

• Publishers who want to see how they stack up against their peers.

• Traditional print media executives who want to get more aggressive in the online space – without taking unnecessary risks.

• Private equity or strategic buyers considering investments who want reality-based forecasting data

How Our Exclusive, Practical Research Was Gathered:

Extensive surveys were completed by over 150 subscription site executives for this Report(thank you!) and they candidly revealed everything from what’s working in marketing, how profitable their sites are, and their sales conversion rates. Respondents came from some of the biggest subscription sites in the world.

Plus, Subscription Site Insider’s research team conducted an observational study of over 200 subscription sites — including B2B and consumer sites of all sizes — examining everything from their search marketing results to their site design, traffic, and pricing structures.

Lastly, industry vendors, consultants, financiers, and third party researchers agreed to share their data — often exclusively — with us to help make this Benchmark Report the most comprehensive resource possible.

All in all, you’ll find more than 200 charts, tables and illustrations.


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