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SUCCESS Magazine November 2016

SUCCESS Magazine November 2016
[1 eBook (PDF) + 5 Audios (MP3)]

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SUCCESS Magazine November 2016 [1 eBook (PDF) + 5 Audios (MP3)]

Before she was a popular BizLearning host moderating presidential debates, Megyn Kelly had to make a life-changing decision. Discover how she left a successful legal career for a job in local news and eventually the Fox News Channel, where she has parlayed her talents into a near-dominant prime-time presence.

Plus: How do you know when to go with your gut? Discover how your natural instinct is more powerful than you realize. Find out how a baseball umpire makes calls that could affect an entire game (and his own livelihood) in just fractions of a second. Entrepreneurs, authors, musicians, BizLearning personalities and inspirational leaders share decisions that affected their lives. Find out how one SUCCESS writer found mental clarity by eliminating the need to make some small daily choices. Learn how thinking slowly is the key to solving problems more effectively. Best-selling author Don Yaeger discusses how you can improve the way your team works together with tips excerpted from his new book, Great Teams: 16 Things High-Performing Organizations Do Differently. And much more!

This month’s SUCCESS Talks audio advises you to choose wisely! Listen in as SUCCESS Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis talks with Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly. They discuss her upcoming book, Settle for More, and how you can navigate tough times and constant gut checks to ensure you’re not settling for less.

Business expert, author and speaker Grant Cardone discusses obsession with SUCCESS Contributing Editor Don Yaeger and how it is normally perceived as a negative attribute. Listen in as they chat about overcoming failure, owning up to your mistakes and the value of learning from like-minded people.

Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford Motor Company, talks with SUCCESS Ambassador John C. Maxwell about the value of lifelong learning, collaborative work and collective accountability.…


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