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SUCCESS Magazine October 2014

SUCCESS Magazine October 2014
[1 eBook (PDF) + 1 CD (4-MP3s)]

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SUCCESS Magazine October 2014 [1 eBook (PDF) + 1 CD (4-MP3s)]

Curiosity, followed by preparation, has powered the success of musician-businessman-philanthropist Raised in an impoverished area of Los Angeles, the 39-year-old plied his intellect and talent to live the American Dream. Discover how he’s turning imagination into an empire.

Edison, Gates and Buffett did it. Maybe you should, too. Mastermind it! Learn how to create a team of respected advisers for suggestions, solutions and feedback.

Plus: Make breakthroughs in significant innovation by shifting away from your area of expertise. Discover 42 essential apps to help you answer questions and solve problems. Ray Kurzweil—inventor, scientist, author, futurist, and director of engineering at Google—aims to help mankind devise a better world by keeping tabs on technology, consumer behavior and more. Find out how Conan O’Brien, the hilarious and brainy comedian, paid his dues on and off camera before settling in comfortably with his TBS talk show. And much more!

Guests on this month’s CD reveal some mind-expanding lessons! Selected by PBS as one of 16 revolutionaries who “made America,” Ray Kurzweil is an inventor and one of the world’s most respected futurists. SUCCESS Publisher Darren Hardy met with the five-time best-selling author to step inside the mind of the gifted forward-thinker. Plus, Jeff Dyer, a professor of strategy at Brigham Young University and the Wharton School, spent time with Darren to discuss his revolutionary thinking, which led to his company, The Innovator’s DNA, and a best-selling book by the same name. He offers us insights from his upcoming book, The Innovator’s Method.…


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