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SUCCESS Magazine October2016

SUCCESS Magazine October 2016
[1 eBook (PDF) + 5 Audios (MP3)]

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SUCCESS Magazine October 2016 [1 eBook (PDF) + 5 Audios (MP3)]

Sophia Amoruso wanted more than her dead-end life. She leveraged her interest in vintage clothing and her creative talents to create Nasty Gal. Read all about how she built her brand to bring in more than $100 million per year.

Plus: Three American heroes share how they found the strength to serve in the military. Learn how Tala Raassi went from being imprisoned for wearing a miniskirt to owning her own line of swimsuits. Step in the middle of a tornado with those brave enough to chase them. Discover how a fantasy sports player analyzes and measures risk. Learn how giving up can actually lead to new opportunities. And much more!

Learn to own your own future with this month’s SUCCESS Audio CD! Listen in as SUCCESS Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis chats with Sophia Amoruso, founder and executive chairman of fashion retailer Nasty Gal. They discuss the importance of taking risks, playing to your strengths and failing a little every day.

Where does strength come from and how can we muster it when we need it most?’s Shelby Skrhak dives into best-selling author and international authority on courage Margie Warrell’s six steps to closing the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

Iranian-American designer and founder of women’s fashion line Dar Be Dar talks with Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis about how when we push ourselves to try in the face of potential failure, we are one step closer to our strongest selves.…

**FYI:  SUCCESS updated the digital provider platform so the magazine is now in a “streaming” format. There is currently no option to download a PDF as in the past. The only way to get it “offline” now is to “Print to a PDF”.  Unfortuately, the quality is not as good but this seems to be the only way I’ll be able to continue to share this content with our community going forward. I trust this will be acceptable.**


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