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Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone – How to sell $287,000 a day and Own a $70M Real Estate Empire

Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone – How to sell 287K a day and Own a 70M Real Estate Empire.mp4
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EDIT 11/14/2017: For ratio free and better quality go to… Tai just uploaded the high quality recording of this interview.

Tai Lopez interview with Grant Cardone, many timeless, original gems from a true Master.

Topics Covered:

– Should your goals be “realistic”, even if you have nothing going on for you? A surefire way of achieving any goal you set for yourself.

– The importance of Self-Confidence and Self-Reliability, especially in Extreme Situations

– The Number One Financial Illiteracy Problem with People

– Why some expenses that may seem wasteful, from a different point of view, are really investments

– If you have this Personality Trait, you will FAIL and it will be IMPOSSIBLE to succeed.
Unfortunately, it is instilled to us through social conditioning since young.

– What kind of real estate is best to invest in and how to avoid a single income flow. And what should you do when you have a first stream coming, what kind of additional flows you should pursue.

– Why renting your own home is not a waste of money, the importance of personal mobility.

– Grant’s story on how he went from dirt broke, unemployed, to a wealthy man through sales, even though at first he didn’t like the business!

– Why middle class mindset is the worst and how to get out of it.
How to be grateful (even if you are in a losing situation) but not let that make you satisfied.

– Why your ideas and goals are influenced by someone other than you and how you should think to avoid it.

– What can you do in the next 24 hours to get out of the misery hole. The mantra that will drive you forward.

– Grant’s personal money management tactics, how and where does he allocate his excess capital. Three very important categories, sorted by importance of priority.

– The truth about diversification and the Middle Class. What should be your main priority regarding making money.

– Grant’s main Real Estate acquisition targets, specifically defined with great detail.

– Grant’s core philosophy regarding reading personalities and the TOP key to winning at business.

– What is the main problem plaguing every business regarding sales?

– How to handle customer objections and re-direction their energy.
Why you should be 100% honest.

– Why personal sales skills is 100% transferable to internet-type sales business and internet salesmen are lacking game on this.

– Why do people procrastinate a sale and how to eliminate it.
How many calls/contacts or time would it take for a $500,000 deal sale.

– Why Mormons are great models for excellent salesmen, and what your only fear should be in life

– Where to draw the limit on studying/absorbing information and taking action/learning from direct experience. Who you should really learn from and how much from this person before learning from others.

– How to invest if you don’t have any money and when do you start buying real estate

– Delegation and Management (spoiler: Its not Grant’s forte, but he’s working on it) .
70 employees in Sales Training Business and 150 in Real Estate Business.

– What does Grant read?

– Grant’s Real Estate Business Strategy and how to Never Lose even in a Market Downturn

– Grant’s Perspective on present and future Real Estate Trends in the USA (spoiler: very good prospects)

– The change of the Tax code under Donald Trump’s government and how it will affect home ownership. State Taxation, Public Finances, Propensity to Raise Taxes and how does it affect Investment Prospects.

– How did Grant get started in Real Estate and achieve mastery, his personal method and the best type of deals to invest in. How many deals per year does he close. His personal goals regarding number of units (currently 4000/5000)

– Environmental indicators that can tell the potential of a good area to invest in Real Estate

– Problem Solving and Cultivation of a Positive Social Circle. Why haters are just hating themselves.

PROTIP: Watch the video, answer these questions, and learn double.


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