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Tanya Aliza – The Ultimate Branding Blueprint

Tanya Aliza – The Ultimate Branding Blueprint
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How to Effectively Build Your Business Online, Your Brand, Your Blog & Your Automated Sales Funnel

What?!!! You don’t have this in place for your business yet? Let me help you with that so you can finally stop hounding your friends and family.

If you have a product, service or opportunity that you promote and you’re not generating your own leads and marketing online, you’ll be hitting the streets and working harder than you need to for many years before you hit your top goals… Let’s work a little smarter!

And maybe the thought has already crossed your mind…

You want to market your business online, generate leads and prospects, and you might have already thought about having an automated sales funnel working for you 24/7 while you sleep.

Maybe it was the same things that held me back in the beginning:

I can totally understand the frustrations of running out of qualified good prospects to talk to about your business. I can also relate to the frustration of people not taking you seriously about your product, service or opportunity.

I had no idea where to start
I had no idea who to trust to teach me the steps
I was super scared of technology
I didn’t think I had any value to offer the world
I was overwhelmed with what marketing strategy would work best (yes there’s a ton out there)
What I did know was that I wanted to help people, but I needed BETTER people to talk to about my business so I could start creating more Profits, Freedom and Ease in my life.

So even if you think you’ve missed the opportunity on this online thing…

I’ll be the first to say that you’re probably in one of the best times to learn how to market your business online because the tools that are now available today are 10 times easier, basically ‘Dummy Proof,’ and 10 times more effective than when I first got started online.

You Have All the Benefits on your side if you do this right, and in doing so:

You can create authority and credibility extremely fast so people start listening and taking you seriously about your business.
You can automate your business so prospects, leads, and sales happen while you’re at the beach, walking the dog or playing with your kiddos.
You can finally talk to people that are excited and ready to join your business.
You can do MORE of what you love in life because that’s exactly why you started your business in the first place.

I say this lightly because waiting too long to do anything isn’t a good idea and you do miss out, but here’s why I believe this might be a better than ever time for you.

There’s a lot of ‘Marketers’ out there trying to sell you strategies on how to do this and how to do that, but have THEY created results with what they’re teaching? Are they even in a similar business model as you?

I believe in ‘Modeling Knowledge’ more than anything else. Modeling knowledge is finding someone that’s doing exactly what you want to do (with results), and following their carved path to success.

Contrary to all the hype on the Internet, building a successful Brand, Blog, and Sales Funnel online can be very confusing and it can cost a lot of wasted hours and sometimes dollars.

I see so many people that buy into the dream and they never break even.

In fact, my first 13 months online resulted in a loss of over $2,080.

In the 14th month, I had an Ah-Ha moment that changed my business forever – Stop Chasing Marketing Gimmicks that are short lived and don’t work.

I learned how to finally build a solid infrastructure and system to support promoting and marketing my business.

It was the simplest thing, and it worked!!

My life was easier because I stopped chasing the shiny objects and I focused on one strategy that was much more effective.

That One Strategy – Marketing my Business and Brand through my Blog!

I blog once a week (about an hour of work), I make recommendations on my blog that lead into my products or business and this has resulted in a 7-figure annual income in just 2 years!

It’s pretty dang awesome!

And if you could just set up this same SYSTEM for your business, everything in your life will change.

You wake up every morning to Leads and Prospects in your email inbox that are excited to hear from you and learn more about your business.
You no longer have to wander around trying to find your next prospect at the mall or coffee shop (you can actually go out to dinner and not feel like you HAVE to prospect the wait staff).
You can finally talk to people that respect and look up to you and want to do business with you.
You can be the Leader that Professionals and Influencers want to do business with.
You can Automate your business so if you want to take a vacation, you can, and your leads and sales won’t stop coming in.
You can turn heads at your next company event, while people start asking you, “where have all these results come from?”

In short, it’s a game changer.

And when I FINALLY got past my initial failures and learned how to do things the right way – my business shifted overnight.

I started enrolling 2-5 customers and teammates a week and my upline asked me what the heck I was doing…. I had to ask her to help me with all the ‘Getting Started Right’ trainings because I was bringing in so much business really fast. (Quality problem by the way).

And in 2 short years, I went from $9K in debt to 7-figures in the bank.

Disclaimer: My results are not typical and I’m not making any income promises or claims (gotta keep it real and keep the legal stuff in check), but my results are absolutely possible.

What if you woke up tomorrow and had 10 NEW HIGH-QUALITY Prospects waiting in your email inbox that filled out an application to learn more about your product, service or business and they were eagerly waiting for your phone call….

AND when you called them, they were ecstatic to hear from you and they were positive and excited about everything you offered?

What would that mean to you and your business?

Would it make things a LITTLE easier?

This is very realistic and very possible… even if you’re brand new or haven’t created much success yet.

If you have a great product or business, this is very simple to put together so long as you have the right steps, you have someone leading you that knows what they’re doing and you have the motivation to hit the next level in your business.

Because with the right step-by-step training you’ll be able to:

Build Your Brand, Blog, and Sales Funnel to work for you 24/7 bringing in high-quality prospects, even while you’re sleeping.
Stop hounding your friends and family… you’ll even be able to prove to them that you can be successful.
Talk to the RIGHT people that are already pre-qualified to buy or join you.
Stop wandering around coffee shops and shopping malls trying to find your next prospects… this is a huge waste of time if you know how to use the internet properly.
Confidently build your business with an endless stream of people to talk to that are excited to hear more from you, without a bunch of ridiculous objections and questions.
The goal of this course is to help you design a business and life that you love with some actual MARKETING concepts that you’re going to love because they’ll help you:

Generate Leads and Prospects
Build a New List of people that are actually interested in your product, service or opportunity!
Automate your business
Build your brand so strong that it won’t matter if you’re selling peanut butter…. people will want to BUY IT from you
BUT… the longer you wait to implement these proven marketing strategies, the longer you’re going to wait to see Automation and Marketing Results in your business.

YES, of course you can keep doing the same thing you’re doing right now, BUT are you cool with those same results you’re getting right now?

Don’t get me wrong, I did create a great deal of success marketing my business the ‘Old-School’ way, (which does work), but I was still living in a hamster wheel doing home parties 6 days a week and wandering around shopping malls and coffee shops trying to talk to people that were unqualified.

However, when I learned what I now do and implement, I actually started to LOVE my business because there was actual leverage and automation involved that made my job 10 times easier.


I want to make sure that you feel secure and confident with The Ultimate Branding Blueprint.

That’s why I’m stamping my Personal Guarantee on your purchase.

If for some crazy reason AFTER you go through all the modules in the course, you don’t feel like you got the value you paid for, email us within 30 days, show me that you’ve taken action on the training, and I’ll be happy to return the full investment.

But, you DO have to do the work.

Cost of Course: $297


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