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Teaching-you Project Management Skills

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Your indispensable guide to perfecting your project management skills.  

Planning and managing projects is a task that is considered to be a part of everyday working life in many different job roles. Project management can help you achieve success at the right time, with the right budget and the right quality.

Do you know the advantages of a Gantt Chart over a PERT Diagram? Can you identify the critical path for your project? Teaching-you Project Management Skills will help you master these techniques so that your projects run more smoothly and efficiently.

Teaching-you Project Management Skills will guide you through the basics of project management, from defining the project through to completing and evaluating it, helping you reach those looming deadlines on time.

This indispensable course uses a wide variety of techniques including audio-visual clips, mini-progress tests and personal assessments to help you chart your progress as you work through the fundamentals of project management.

Sound like the ideal solution to your project mayhem? Teaching-you Project Management Skills is the perfect aid to ensure you complete your projects on time within the budget and that its performance can be monitored and reviewed over time.


   * Readiness assessment – find out how much you already know about project management.

   * Mini progress tests check your understanding of the different modules.

   * Audio-video clips with key supporting bullet points – listen to and watch the video and then remind yourself of the key points.

   * Video examples – watch as you’re shown video clips of people preparing projects successfully.

   * Clearly categorised sections are easy to follow.

   * Quick start feature allows you to start the program from where you previously left off.
   * Follow your progress on the main menu and see which sections you have already covered.

   * Post-assessment tests your understanding of the material covered.  and evaluates your skills as a project manager as well as giving tips for further study.

   * Provides advice on different resources available on project management.



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