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Terry Dean – Ultimate Interview Product Solution

Terry Dean – Ultimate Interview Product Solution
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Terry Dean’s Ultimate Interview Product Solution

How to Generate Your First Passive Internet Income Stream in…
“10 Days Or Less”

Interviewing Expert Shares How He Created Over 700 Information
Products Using Other People’s Knowledge and Expertise.

Would You Like to:

– Quickly and Easily Create Dozens of High Profit Products Using Other People’s Information, Credibility, and Experience

– Build Relationships with the Top Influencers in Your Field For Joint Ventures, Winning Affiliate Promotions, and Team Projects

– Use the Power of Identification to Build Your Reputation as An Expert In any Marketplace Even If You’re a Brand New Beginner

– Discover How to Pull the Absolute Best Tips and Tricks Out of An Expert During An Interview – Revealing Knowledge They Didn’t Even Know They Had.

– Create a Whole Series of Up to 200 Products or More In a Niche Market Using Other People’s information (Fred is doing this right now in one market we reveal).

By Terry Dean, Internet Business Coach

Fred Gleeck InterviewsAs you may already know, the easiest way to create your first information product is through interviewing a proven expert.

An interview lets you tap into their knowledge, their reputation, and their lists.

It’s the proven shortcut to building a profitable publishing empire for any beginner.

Only one problem…nobody has revealed the Ultimate Interview Product Solution…until now.

You’ve probably heard people tell you to write your own ebook. Or they might have told you to record an audio or video.

Or if they were really on the ball, they told you to do interviews to get started.

What they didn’t tell you was step-by-step how to choose a subject, find experts, contact those experts, record the interview, and publish the information successfully. In other words, they told you “What to Do” instead of “How to do it.”

My Coaching Clients Begged For This Information

What They’re Saying About Fred Gleeck…

“By following Fred Gleeck’s method for starting and running a successful Internet marketing business, I created a steady stream of $4,000+ a week net passive income within 6 months. This means I will make well over $200,000 this year with a spare-time online business, and to earn it, I work less than an hour a week!”
Bob Bly –

“Fred, I count on you for consistently superior advice on how to find my way through the maze of internet advisors. Every issue of your “Fred Gleeck Insights” is a gold mine of information that is directly helpful to people like me who are trying to get established. Based on the advice I see from others I have to believe that you are equally valuable to tried and true internet professionals. I just want to say that I have never been dissapointed in any of your products. You consistenly provide more for the money value in everything you produce. Thanks for everything. Keep the newsletter coming. Don’t change a thing!”
Paul Stevens

“Fred Gleeck’s knowledge of internet marketing and his ability to teach it are both unparalleled!”
Don Hutson, Past President, NSA; Author, Speaker and C.E.O. of U.S. Learning

“I have been to a LOT of seminars and spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on business education in the last 12 months. I’ve been to many good seminars and many B.S. no content pitch-a-thons as well. I’m qualified to say that Fred’s was by far one of the absolute best valued seminars I’ve ever been to.”
Phil Barnao

“Just wanted to say thanks again for a sweet seminar. I was so impressed! You can bet I’ll be back. And now that I’m on your list I’ll be keeping an eye out for when you’re in NYC for more Fred events.”
Elizabeth Purvis, Copywriter

“Fred, a sincere thanks to you for the free stuff you make available. It’s really been helpful. You’ve certainly got your act together in a big way! You’re the “real deal” —- you tell it like it is (no fluff, no bs), you’re a savvy business guy with a realistic, practical way of doing things.”
TJ Campoli

“When I sat through your presentation a few months ago, I had no products, and no websites. But as I learned more about your system, I was impressed by two things- that integrity was built-in to the success, and that you were personally using it yourself in several niche markets. So I followed exactly what you laid out- and 90 days later my online sales are in the thousands and growing rapidly! Wow! There are a lot of “experts” out there who are all smoke and mirrors. you’re the real deal, Fred. Thanks.”
Dave Hamilton, Tampa, FL

“A lot of great, useful ideas in a short time – very information-dense.”
Mark Sanborn, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Past President, NSA

“Fred Gleeck’s enthusiasm and broad interests are infectious. The seminar was well-paced, informative and inspiring — thanks to Fred’s deft hand and keen interviewing skills. Highly recommended.”
John Ross Bowie

“All meat, specific recommendations, all documented in handouts, illustrated with real world outcomes and delivered with conviction! Fred is blunt and practical so get ready to get real when listening to him.”
Jim Cathcart, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Past President, NSA

“More profitable ideas per minute than I could imagine.”
Dru Scott Decker

“Thanks for the LunchWithFred and FredHotSeats ideas here! Thank you EVEN MORE for freely giving us permission to “copy” them! Somehow I think most other “gurus” would have hinted around at the concept…and then charged us $495.00 to learn “exactly” what it is! Thanks…thanks…thanks!
Jon Eklof

“Hi Fred – just a quick note to say you give such amazing content, not only in your seminars but in these emails too! I’ve just gone through a well-known email marketer’s email, and he does one about as often as you, but today you made me realise, all he ever does is pitch his stuff, or send me to a site he’s an affiliate for – but you just keep giving, and I really appreciate that!!”
Dave Baker

“Fred Gleeck is hands down one of the best teachers l have ever heard. He gives you solid, useful and practical ideas in a fun, fast paced, no nonsense professional manner.”
Joanne Mac Donald

“Fred Gleeck is amazing. He knows it all – and can help you use it all – in your website and internet marketing.”
Bert Decker, CSP, CPAE, Member: Speakers Hall of Fame

“Thank you for your book, ‘Marketing Seminars’, and your emails. I became a better speaker within days! I used your ideas in my first seminar series in my new town. I made product money for the first time in my life. I also gained 2 consulting jobs.”
Chris Dutson, Herriman, Utah

“An idea a minute – great marketing information as well as technological how-to’s.”
Dianna Booher, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., author of 42+ books

“Fred’s passion is only exceeded by his knowledge. What a spectacular presentation!”
Scott McKain, Member: Speakers Hall of Fame

“Just wanted to let you know that of all the marketing/biz/self-improvement/motivational emails/newsletters I receive, I continue to think yours is the best – because of the personal tone and real day-to-day examples. Translated into $$ = your emails are important to my continued references to your biz; everytime my husband or I have a new biz idea/development, we instantly think of checking with you or your Million Dollar Rolodex first, as in, I wonder if we can get that service/product from Fred Gleeck?”
Theresa A. Markham, Esq.

“Wall to wall power packed content.WOW!”
Danny Cox, C.S.P, C.P. A.E.

“Content Packed . . . Fast Paced . . .Multi faceted . . . Stimulating . . Generous!”
Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE, Member: Speakers Hall of FamePast President, NSA

“Lunch with Fred was AMAZING. Fred is an incredibly knowledgeable and generous person and a brilliant marketer. I learned more in two hours about marketing my products than I learned over the past year! The lunch was worth 10 times the price! It was almost like having a one on one consultation with Fred.”
Scott Straub

“I finally received the mp3 of the publishing seminar and could hardly tear myself away from it long enough to enjoy my vacation. It made the plane flight fly by. Talk about packed with information, you couldn’t have jammed more into this event if you had used a crowbar.
Everything you produce is gold.”
Paul Stevens

“I just attended a “Lunch with Fred” in New York City and I must say that this is one of the best $100 I have spent. Just the concept of “Lunch with Fred” will attest to his genius. This guy can figure out how to make money while he eats! Yes, he is making money off of me, but at the same time he is showing me how I can do it too. He never says “don’t copy my idea.” whenever he gets a new idea, he shares it freely and even encourages us to copy him.”
Bill Song

“You’ve got to have “Lunch with Fred”! In two hours I got at least three specific ideas from Fred to implement immediately, several other ideas from our “lunchmates” and 120 minutes of non-stop tips, creativity, questions, motivation, fun and food. This would have been cheap at twice the price!”
Dr. Mike Cioppa

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears!”
Jim Rhode, Past President, NSA

“Entertaining . . . handouts loaded . . clearly understandable . . . available . . .confidence builder . . . Masterful presentation .. . Fred just keeps on giving.”
Ty Boyd, C.S.P., C.P.A.E; Member: Speakers Hall of Fame, Broadcast Hall of Fame

“I can use the content and resources provided to me to make money 24/7 through cyberspeace. I now know what I have to do to make that work, and I can’t wait to put this information to work.”
Terry Paulson

“This seminar blows the competition away. Discover a marketing program so complete you’ll instantly receive the tools necessary to launch your success. This seminar is a must for anyone desiring to take their marketing campaign to the next level.”
Jilliana Raymond

“It was without a doubt the most productive 8 hours I’ve spent since entering the self storage business. I hope every self storage owner and manager in the country with the exception of my competitors, get the chance to hear Fred speak. It is quite apparent to me that the self storage industry will soon enter a fiercely competitive phase, I now feel armed for the battle.” “
Mark Harris, President, West End Self Storage, Richmond, VA

“Packed with information – more useable stuff than several industry conferences combined . . . very much appreciated the honesty/real tone; great backup of videos – imaginative. Best of all: got me excited again about the industry. One of the best seminars I’ve ever done. “
Catherine Ten Eyck, Vienna, VA, (20 years experience in the storage industry)

“Fred Gleeck’s Turning Calls Into Visits is the best telephone training product on the market. I highly recommend it. . . . Turning Visits Into Contracts is an entertaining and effective way to teach managers the importance of being professional. “
Mike Burnam, C.E.O. – Storage Trust, (Over 180 storage facilities nationwide)

“In my area I have 2 large competitors within 1 mile. We are the highest price in town and we still maintain a 90% occupancy. And we have done this simply by following your suggestions. “
Mike Corrigan, Stor-All, Merrit Island, FL

“A ton of information that was valuable in a short amount of time without being overwhelmed.”
Joshua Ray, Rockford, IL

” liked the killer style of selling . . . “
H.D. Harvey, Wayne, PA

“You have been an inspiration to me for many years, and to observe your progress has been a Master’s course in how to promote yourself and grow your business. I don’t know very many people I can honestly say that work harder or smarter than you… and you have the results to show for your efforts.”
Martin Howey, CEO, TopLine Business Solutions

“A formal letter to tell you how very much I enjoyed the seminar . . . I learned a great deal on direct mailing to commercial accounts and overall some new marketing approaches that I know will increase our bottom line quicker.”
Bobbi Schnee, Operations Manager, U-Store-It, York, PA

“More power and information packed into the time allotted than any other seminar. If you want to be successful you need to hear Fred.”
Morgan Davis, Mesa, AZ

“I can’t wait to take this home and use it at our facilities immediately.”
Jeff Dodds, Tulare, CA

“Your seminar last night in LA was great! Both Giles and I are really excited about using your program and developing our products. This email is just to say thanks for putting on such an informative seminar and being so down to earth inspirational. I am sure you will be hearing from us soon, and seeing us in person at one of your upcoming seminars.”
Angela O’Mara

“Fred’s seminar is full of immediately useful money making information. This is the real deal!”
Ken Greco, Spotsylvania, VA

“This was the most content rich seminar I’ve ever been to.”
Carol Covin, Bristow, VA

“Just finished your tapes and the videos and already put the information to good use. Your guerrilla tactics for Yellow Page ads gave me several great ideas and we changed the final proof of our ad just in time.”
David Meadows, Stor-USA, Heathrow, FL

“The bootcamp was by far the best workshop I have ever attended. As I told you Friday morning, I felt I had received my money’s worth after your presentation first thing in the morning. The light bulbs were going off in my head all over the place!.”
Carol Amato, Stargazer Publishing Company

“I recently received your CDs containing the talk you gave in New York and the Bob Bly interview. I’m about half way through the first and can’t get enough (as I’m sure you intended!). Much thanks. Your content is the best I’ve found (and I’m no slouch when it comes to detailed research on this stuff). Great stuff!! Can’t wait to learn more!”
Brett Rhodes

“I’ve been an international speaker and educator for 24 years. In my extensive travels I have received great coaching and tuition from speakers like yourself. It is from the depth of my heart when I say that I have never met anyone who gives with such energy joy and love as you do – and what is more important, it is batched in integrity for it comes from your heart to ours. Thanks Fred for being who you really are and blessing us with your essence”
Roger Anthony

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU… for that Internet Marketing Retirement Plan. Those CD’s are nothing short of outstanding. I really and deeply appreciate what you both have done with that program. I’m not finished with it but plan on having some information products to sell on the internet soon. As your (plural) favorite expression is… “I’ll do it TODAY!”
John J. Kidd, (USN / Ret.)AWAI Professional Copywriter Published Author & Freelance Writer

“Fred Gleeck is phenomenal: He is straight-forward, no-nonsense and right on track with his expert advice. He packs his seminars with plenty of practical, useful and effective tips based on his own first-hand experiences.”
Dr. Grace Cornish, Author/Therapist, New York, NY


I take on a very limited number of one-on-one coaching clients. I’ve helped many of them create their very first products. Interviews are my tool of choice in the majority of cases.

Why interviews? Simply put, a lot of people I end up working with are nervous about that very first product. They’re afraid they don’t know enough about a subject. They’re terrified no one would listen to what they have to say.

Instead of beating our head against a wall, we simply do their first few projects as interviews with experts who have credibility in the marketplace already.

As of right now, I’ve published a total of 24 interview products in different markets. This number is about to increase dramatically as a result of my recent experience.

Creating 24 products has created a very nice level of income for me. Yet, I still didn’t feel I had all the pieces put together on interviewing.

Many people do one or two successful projects and consider themselves an expert. They’re reached a level of expertise, but they really haven’t reached the level of mastery on the subject.

My goal was to put together a step-by-step system for interviewing with someone who has really mastered this subject…

Fred Gleeck Shocked Me When He Told Me About Doing 700+ Interview Products

I knew he had done more than me, but when I asked him during the interview how many products he had done, it just about floored me. You can hear the shock on my voice when he responds to the question.

It’s literally hard for me to believe.

Fred has created over 2,000 information products in the 25 years he’s been doing this.

That’s 80 new products a year…or a new product every 4 to 5 days.

And 700+ of those products have been interviews.

Unlike many “internet experts,” Fred has created these products in more than a dozen niche markets. Here are six of his most popular markets he shared with me:

   * Golf
   * Raw Foods
   * Self-storage
   * Video producers
   * Catering
   * Limousine drivers

He has mastered the subject of doing interviews for profitable products.

I turned the tables on him and interviewed him this time…

Discover Step-By-Step How To Create Winning Interview Products For Long-Term Income, Relationships With Major Influencers, and Automatic Credibility in the Marketplace

The majority of interviews can be done over the phone. They produce good quality interviews when you use the right tools. Yet, I wanted the best quality recording possible for this product.

I traveled out to Fred’s house in Las Vegas to interview him in person. For 3 hours and 10 minutes I poked and prodded him to share everything he knew about creating an information empire through interviews.

In the interview we covered all 8 vital steps to making money through interviewing:

   * Step One: How to Choose Your Hot Subject

   * Step Two: Track Down Experts for Your Interviews

   * Step Three: Recording Over the Phone and/or In Person

   * Step Four: How to Come Up with the Right Questions to Ask

   * Step Five: Become Comfortable on the Interview Itself

   * Step Six: How to Package and/or Duplicate the Product

   * Step Seven: Selling It Online

   * Step Eight: Make Even More Money From the Interview

Every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed in the Ultimate Interview Product Solution. Choose a hot subject people already want to buy. Track down credible experts with valuable information. Contact those experts with a proven pitch to get them on the call with you (even if you’re a beginner).

Use the right equipment to record the interviews in person or over the phone. Most interview products are done over the phone and you’ll be shown two different ways to record these for free or very low cost. We also cover professional level recording equipment for in person interviews like the one you’ll be listening to.

Discover where to find all the questions for your interview. Every question you need is ready for you…if you know where to look. Use Fred’s secret steps for becoming comfortable doing interviews even when you’d normally be shaking in your boots.

Find out how to package the information, what to price it for, and how to duplicate it if you decide to use physical delivery (it may surprise you in the discussion about digital versus physical delivery).

Sell the interview online by following the steps Fred reveals, including how he built his list of 135,000 email subscribers.

And finally we cover how to make even more money from the interview with licensing, multipurposing the content, and deluxe volumes.

Here Are Just a Few of the Professional Interviewing Secrets Revealed

All the page numbers below refer to the professional PDF transcript you receive with the audio recording…


     How to make money in dozens of niche markets at once…For example, Fred has 50 to 60 products for self-storage operators and video producers (Page 6)

     Why curiosity can instantly turn you into a better interviewer…and how to harness your inner child (Page 9)
   * Use interviews to build joint venture relationships with people who normally ignore your JV emails (Page 10)

   * How an expert analyzes your interview request to decide about doing the interview with you or not…and how you can convince a majority of them to say YES (Page 11).

   * 2 Ways to Come Up with the Winning product ideas. Hint: some just drop in your lap if you’re open and looking for them (Page 12).

   * How brand new beginners can hone your interviewing skills to a razors edge through practice without any risk or danger (Page 15).

   * How to have your target market share all the best questions to ask for FREE (Page 18).

Interview Preparation and Tools

   * How to contact the big names for an interview – even when you’re first getting started with a tiny list or no list (Page 21).

   * Negotation rules for use of the interview – what you should be willing to do and what is normal in the industry (Page 23).

   * How to fit your interviewing products into your overall product development funnel with products priced from Free all the way up to $1,000 or more (Page 25).

   * Choose the right recording solution for you. Record interviews totally for free all the way up to creating a very professional in home recording solution (Page 30).

   * Why microphones are the most important element in your recording solution – and how to choose the right one for interviews. Hint: the most expensive are NOT the best and can screw up your recording (Page 31).

   * How to edit your recording using low cost and free programs…including how to remove any background noise (page 35).

   * How to create your own custom intro and exit music for your interviews for that professional look and sound (Page 36).

   * How to decide the length of your program. This one was a radical surprise for me as it’s different than anything you’ve ever heard before (Page 40).

Interview Like a Pro

   * How to prepare for the interview – outline, Q & A, or totally off the cuff – which one is right for you (Page 41).

   * Where to find all the background information and questions to interview any expert by simply visiting the Web. And no it has nothing to do with Google (Page 43).

   * How to dig out the hidden information an average interviewer doesn’t get out of an expert – the real meat customers are desperate to pay for (Page 47).

   * How to listen to people’s tone of voice or watch their body language to determine if it’s time to delve deeper on a subject (Page 52).

   * The cardinal sin of poor interviewers and how to train yourself not to do this. It’s way more common than you think and shuts down your guests (Page 55).

   * A FUN class to take to improve your interviewing skills, speaking skills, and product development…and the class itself has NOTHING to do with business (Page 56).

   * How to plug in promotions for your products naturally to make more backend sales WITHOUT sounding like a salesperson (Page 60).

   * How to correct an interviewee who keeps promoting their products and not giving value (Page 61).

   * An easy exercise to practice your listening skills while sitting at home watching BizLearning – you’ll be shocked at how effective this is (Page 62).

Hot Selling Interviews

   * Whether to sell interviews as downloadable or as CDs – and what about the price difference between the packages (Page 65).

   * How to do a pre-publication offer before you even finish the sales copy (Page 66).

   * The advantages and disadvantages of fulfillment no one else ever talks about. Fulfilling orders is easier than you think (Page 73).

   * How to choose a outstanding copywriter and save a BUNDLE by doing this one step first (Page 76).

   * How to get a viral effect going where list owners beg to sell your product instead of you having to recruit them (Page 81).

   * How to build a massive list (135,000 subscribers) you can offer your products to over and over again…instant money-on-demand whenever you want (Page 83).

   * How to turn your first interview into a self-liquidating lead system to build a large buyers list very quickly using other people’s traffic (Page 87).

Extra Interview Profits

   * How to generate a large cashflow surge and loads of free leads by selling licenses to your products – and how to protect yourself from the dangers (Page 89).

   * How to digitize old products such as cassettes into new CD and mp3 audios (Page 94).

   * How to create a Transcript+ that is more than just a recording of what you said. It’s a valuable addition and benefit people would buy even without the audios (Page 96).

   * How to know when an opportunity begs for the chance to add additional followup products (Page 98).

   * How to turn those little interviews into a monthly continuity product producing $10,000 to $30,000 a month (Page 100).

   * Create a basic and deluxe version of a product for even more income (Page 101).

   * How to make money from a product before it’s even ready. Here’s the secret. Hold the interview on a teleconference where people pay for attendance (Page 103).

This 3 Hour 10 Minute Audio Interview and Transcript is Jam Packed With Everything You Need to Create Your Own Profitable Interviewing Empire

It answers all the questions I receive daily from my coaching clients about doing interviews. If you’re even considering doing an interview, this is the MUST-HAVE resource.

You might have some of the concerns my clients had when they first started doing interviews.

For example, what if you’re a shy person who is nervous about doing your first interview?

That’s OK. Fred shares how to practice your interviewing skills sitting at home alone in your chair, with your friends, and even in a live environment. Anyone can do this.

What if you don’t have any contacts in the market and don’t know who to contact? That’s OK. Everyone is brand new in some market. That’s why Fred details exactly how to contact people. Everyone won’t say Yes, but you’ll be surprised at just how many do when you contact them this way!

What if you’ve purchased other Internet products and never found the time to put them into place?

That’s why you’ll love the Ultimate Interview Product Solution.

Instead of giving you dozens of audios loaded with fluff, we provide you with 3 hours and 10 minutes of solid content covering the entire solution.

Listen to these audios at your convenience.

We’ve also included that full PDF transcript of every word uttered. You can use it again and again to refer back to the material and each step in the system.

Plus, receive a second interview covering…

Audio Infomercials:
How to Increase Sales And Earn More Affiliate Commissions While Delivering Real Content

Ben SettleCopywriting/audio infomercial expert Ben Settle shared 57 minutes with me about how he creates audio sales pitches wrapped in clothes most people are conditioned to believe and trust.

In fact, he claims using audio on your site is a MUST to sell, Sell, SELL.

Forty-two percent of college graduates (the most “educated” portion of society) never read another book after graduation.

While video will allow you to reach some of these prospects, most of them don’t have the time to sit at your site watching the screen.

With an audio, they can download it and listen to your sales presentation while they’re walking the dog, driving to work, or going about their daily activity.

Each time they listen, your message is driven deeper into their mind until they can’t stand it anymore. They have to take action on your offer.

What’s an easy and dirt cheap way to create these audio informercials? Yes, you got it…interviews.

Ben shares how to ask the right questions, get your audience into a “trance” while listening, and how to disguise the audio so it doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. Most important of all, he shows you how to get people responding in droves to your offer.

In fact, Ben uses these techniques every time he promotes an affiliate product for passive income. He schedules an interview with the product owner, interviews them using his exclusive system, and releases the audio freely generating a flood of sales for whatever he’s offering. Often he beats lists with 10x the number of subscribers at he has.

Fred Gleeck shows you step-by-step how to create highly profitable information products…while Ben shares how to turn audio interviews into your #1 selling tool (even beating sales copy by some of the top copywriters).

Plus you’ll receive…

5 Power Packed Reports

In addition to this second interview, you also get 5 power packed reports in PDF format to help you with the most important aspects of the system.

They give you all the examples and tools you need to get started quickly in your own interviews….

Bonus Report #1:
10 Days Till Your First Product Offer

This is your day-by-day calendar to get your first project DONE quickly.

Day one you do this. Day two you do this. There is even a section explaining what to do if something goes wrong (like the interview subject has to reschedule).

Each of the daily activities can be done in 2 to 3 hours. If you have more time than this, you can do a couple of days at once. If you have less time than this, it may take you a few extra days to finish.

Bonus Report #2:
Sample Outline of An Interview

This short 4 page report shows you the exact outline Fred and I used to create the audio product. Use it as a model for designing your own outline.

Pay attention to how we follow the outline at times. All of a sudden we change direction from what’s listed because I can see more valuable information coming out.

Master that same skill. Follow along and listen. You’ll see why I choose to go “off the map” at times. Once this has been demonstrated for you, you’ll be ready to do the same in your interviews…producing such gold quality information you’ll be beside yourself!

Bonus Report #3:
Template Questions for Your Interviews

Don’t know what to ask? Fred covers how to come up with all the questions you’ll ever need in the main audios. This report adds 33 template questions you can apply in any interview.

Simply grab the questions you want and fill-in-the-blanks. For example, here’s 1 of the 33 questions:

What’s the difference between a good _____ and a great _____?

In an interview like the one I did with Fred I filled in those blanks like this:

What’s the difference between a good interviewer and a great interviewer?

You get 32 more questions just like that. Do you see how easy we’ve made the whole Interview Product Solution for you?

Bonus Report #4:
Turn a $20 Product Into a $1,000 Product

Interviewing one expert in a general market such as improving your business or weight loss may sell for $20. Wouldn’t you love to know how to take that $20 interview and turn it into a $50, $200, or even $1,000 product?

You won’t do this for all the products you sell. Obviously you need some low ticket items also to get people interested in just how valuable your products are.

The big money often comes in from those higher ticket offers. Once you’ve went through these 10 pages you’ll know 5 specific ways to transform a $20 product into a package worth hundreds or even thousands. As an example, I combined two of these techniques to create a $5,997 offer.

Bonus Report #5:
How to Turn Your Audio Infomercials Into BIG Affiliate Commissions

This report is based off the Ben Settle interview. In the interview, Ben shares how he earns large commission checks passively for years simply by doing a recorded interview with the affiliate owner.

The report covers 3 ways to use interviews to generate BIG affliate checks…including one “secret” system for getting others to promote your affiliate link for you!

Plus, it includes a 14 day promotional calendar for earning maximum profits from ANY affiliate program you’re a member of…using an interview as your spark!

How Much Is the Road Map To Creating Your Own Information Products Empire Worth?

How much is this proven road map to your own Information Empire worth to you?

What about when you consider it doesn’t require you to be an expert on any subject? There are dozens of experts you can interview on ANY topic.

What about the fact that you don’t even need to come up with your own questions? We supply templated questions and a proven method to find specialized questions for any expert.

You could hire Fred to interview your chosen expert for you. The price…$1,997 last time I asked. Or you could attend his 5 day seminar to help you create your first interview product. It’s $2,997.

The normal price of this course is only $97 for the downloadable audio mp3 version with PDF transcript and special reports.

BUT I’m sick and tired of the most products people put out as “interview products.” They’re recorded poorly and they NEVER dig into the real benefits or “how-to’s” of the subject. They’re just a time waster instead of a full step-by-step system.

I want to make sure you don’t produce that kind of poor material. So I’m willing to get this material in your hands with an additional $30 OFF for a limited time (I reserve to remove this special at any time)…as long as you promise me you’ll only use this material to produce good valuable content your customers will love.

As long as you make that committment, you can download it today for ONLY $67.

That includes all 3 hours and 10 minutes of audio in mp3 format. It also includes the 57 minute interview with Ben Settle on Audio Infomercials. In addition you receive the 2 PDF transcripts and 5 special reports (totaling 177 pages in all).

Do just a one hour interview. Sell it in basic $20 format. When you sell 4 copies, you’re in profit.

You’re not limited to just doing one interview. Fred has done 700. Some of those are one hour interviews. Others are longer. He has done six hour and up interviews which he sells for much higher prices.

You might never come close to 700 interviews. I haven’t yet, but I haven’t been in business as long as Fred either. Maybe you’ll do more.

You’ve been handed the keys to do as many interviews as you want…to build your Information Empire as large as you like in all the markets you choose.

And that’s only what you pay if you decide this is the Ultimate Interview Product Solution…

Try It Risk Free for 90 Days

If after reviewing the material, you don’t agree this is the quickest and easiest way for you personally to build your Information Empire…

Or you decide it’s not right for you for any reason at all…simply use my support system to ask for a full refund on the downloadable version. No questions asked.

You keep all the downloadable audios and PDF transcript just for giving it a try.

You risk nothing.

Your solution to the perfect internet information business is staring you in the face.

The solution requires:

– No Experience. You’ll find out how to practice for your very first interview…and how to add to your skills even if you’re an advanced interviewer.

– No Money. We share Fred’s professional audio setup, but you also hear how to start using totally FREE tools.

– No Expertise. Since you’re interviewing an expert to create your product, you can be a brand new beginner in the subject. It’s their expertise and credibilty.

All it requires is for you to use the system we’ve laid out for you. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you decide for any reason our system isn’t right for you, receive a full refund.

Reserve the Ultimate Interview Product Solution Downloadable Mp3 Version For Only $67
Click Here Now To Download Your Copy Today for Only $67!

4 CDs
Remember you have a full 90 day money back guarantee on either version. The risk is all on me!

Yours in Success,
Terry Dean
Terry Dean

P.S. You get Over 4 Hours of Mp3 audio in addition to the 177 page transcripts in PDF format with all 5 bonus reports. This is the Ultimate Interview Product Solution for any beginner to start their own Information Empire just like Fred Gleeck and I.


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