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The 18th Edition of “The Offshore Manual & Directory” – Revised & Updated January 2007 – US$ 49.00 Published by: OFFSHORE-MANUAL.COM [Formerly Carlton Press.]

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Never before has anyone, anywhere compiled such a comprehensive, thorough and in-depth manual. This easy to read and use manual was five years and thousands of research-hours in the making before the first edition of The Offshore Manual & Directory was published in 1997.

The 343 +-page fact-filled January, 2007 18th edition of The Offshore Manual & Directory has been kept right-up-to-date on a daily basis with 1,800+ up-to-date supplier names, addresses, contact details and web links. The information is thematically arranged in 28 chapters. For example, one of the chapters is dedicated to the 75 most important tax havens and offshore financial centers and their most common usage.

It is the new recognized and indispensable authoritative guidebook of the experts. It gives you the inside track to the leading providers of asset protection, expatriate, offshore, privacy and tax haven product and services.

The Offshore Manual & Directory has been scrupulously researched. The information therein rigorously analysed, and it is totally independent. It’s a huge database with tons and tons of data and up-to-date information with literally thousands of names, addresses, numbers and contact information for virtually everything you could want to know about asset protection, anonymous and offshore banking, maildrop’s, offshore, privacy, PT, second passports and dual citizenship, tax avoidance, tax reduction and tax haven related matters and much more!

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