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The Unofficial Guide to Managing Rental Property

The Unofficial Guide to Managing Rental Property.pdf

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Aimed primarily at landlords just getting into the business, The Unofficial Guide to Managing Rental Property will help readers manage and profit from their new investments. The focus will be on individual investors; those who own properties with less than four units, and who typically manage their rentals part-time. Information to help landlords maximize their return on investment will include:
· How to find and finance great rental property

· How to calculate rent, and how to calculate your profit

· How much to invest in rehabbing a property

· How to write legal, effective ads that attract good tenants, and how to legally set rental criteria to ensure responsible tenants

· How to interview and screen applicants to avoid potentially disastrous tenants

· Sample forms and letters will help landlords contract new tenants and communicate with current occupants

· How to ensure on-time rent, and how to collect late rent

· How to find good tax advice for investors

· How to keep on top of new government regulations

· How to successfully evict delinquent tenants, collect damages, and keep your property intact

· How to manage your property to retain good tenants and profit from your property


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