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TheVault Local Marketing Summit 2013 (1 ebook PDF)

TV summit local.pdf

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Description Exclusive as a result of BizLearning Summit… sharing elsewhere will result in being banned! PERMANENTLY!

Those are the logs from our 2013 IRC Summit. The document has been edited to make it as easy to read as possible. Enjoy it!

BizIgniter Local Marketing Summit 2013

The document is made out of 3 sections, 1st Chapter is the main summit, 2nd Chapter is the after summit discussion and 3rd Chapter are the resources and recommendations.

Special thanks go to clear for organizing the summit. Thanks to all the panel members for participating and sharing their thoughts and experience:

Main speakers in this summit are: clear, DragonBreath, megabump

and everyone else who has contributed to this event. Thank you.

If someone believes should be wait-listed but isn’t and you did post a question in the forums on time and/or was attending at IRC, send a message to WalkByFaith

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