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Tim Sales – Brilliant Questions

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Brilliant Questions – Straight Answers – 4 Audio CDs Set

Do you have some nagging questions about how to do the Network Marketing or MLM business that you haven’t yet found answers to anywhere?  Chances are, those questions are answered in this CD set.

Here’s a whole library of brilliant questions that network marketers have asked Tim Sales during teleclasses and through email over the years and he gives straightforward, pull-no-punches answers.

This four CD set contains over 4 hours of questions and answers covering every conceivable topic.

Here’s a short sample …

What to do when your prospect wants you to just give the name of your company, give the specifics and be quick about it.

How do you make a decision about what you’re inviting the prospect to actually do? Business or product? Show a video or invite to a conference call or a meeting?

What to do when people object to having to order a certain amount of product every month.

What to do when explaining the compensation plan leads to “this is one of those pyramid things.”

What to do when your prospect says “I’m too busy.”

What to do when purchased leads show no interest after the first call.

How to avoid trapping yourself with the wrong presentation.

How to find the cues in conversation to know when to move to the next step or pull back.

What do you do after you deliver samples and you don’t hear from the people?

What do you do when someone asks “what does it cost?”

Where do you recommend we find quality business partners?

How do you handle arrogant health care professionals?

What do you do to overcome the fear of taking the first step in selling someone?

How to answer “how much money do you make?”

What to do when your sponsor leaves the company and no one in your upline has the time to help you.

How do you get up the courage to just say “hi” to people?

What do I say to people who just want to know what this is all about before I can even qualify them?

What do I do when my prospect says “it sounds like I would be selling something?”

How do I handle overly assertive prospects?

How do I get prospects to actually look at the information I give them?

Where do I find the heavy hitters?

Should I hand out fliers at public events?

How do I reestablish contact with someone who I’ve not been in contact with for a long time?

How do I motivate my downline?

Should I be buying coffee or a meal for prospects at a meeting?

How do I get my downline to use the products and become a productive team player?

What do you say when your prospect wants to know about competing brands?

This is not even half the questions answered for you in Brilliant Questions – Straight Answers. There are 67 practical questions and answers in all, along with a table of contents so you can immediately listen to the answer you need to hear most.

One of the questions Tim answers in great detail is “what’s a lead worth?” In a nutshell, leads that have cost Tim very little have literally made him millions of dollars over the years. If you’re asking yourself what Brilliant Questions – Straight Answers is worth, the answer would be the same.



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