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Tim Wu – The Master Switch

The Master Switch
[ebook (mobi and epub)]

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Tim Wu – The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires…

Highly recommended for strategic thinkers who like to predict what might happen next in an industry. This book focuses on information/communications industries.

Description :
According to Columbia professor and policy advocate Wu, the great information empires of the 20th century have followed a clear and distinctive pattern: after the chaos that follows a major technological innovation, a corporate power intervenes and centralizes control of the new medium–the master switch. Wu chronicles the turning points of the century’ s information landscape: those decisive moments when a medium opens or closes, from the development of radio to the Internet revolution, where centralizing control could have devastating consequences. To Wu, subjecting the information economy to the traditional methods of dealing with concentrations of industrial power is an unacceptable control of our most essential resource. He advocates not a regulatory approach but rather a constitutional approach that would enforce distance between the major functions in the information economy–those who develop information, those who own the network infrastructure on which it travels, and those who control the venues of access–and keep corporate and governmental power in check. By fighting vertical integration, a Separations Principle would remove the temptations and vulnerabilities to which such entities are prone. Wu’ s engaging narrative and remarkable historical detail make this a compelling and galvanizing cry for sanity–and necessary deregulation–in the information age.

Awards :
The book was named one of the best books of 2010 by the New Yorker Magazine,Fortune Magazine,,the Washington Post, Publishers Weekly,and others.

Quotes: : A top Business book of 2010

Fortune Magazine : A top book of 2010

The Washington Post : “My pick for economics book of the year”

Inside Higher Education  : “The Best Book of 2010″

The New York Times :“AT&T is the star of Wu’s book, an intellectually ambitious history of modern communications….”

The Atlantic : “Fascinating … a ripping yarn… But also a serious history with a strong view about the pernicious effect of monopolies and oligopolies in technology.”

Salon  : “For Internet pundits Wu’s book is required reading, but the average citizen may find it even more revelatory and rewarding.”

Nature  : “In his groundbreaking book, The Master Switch, Columbia University law professor Tim Wu weaves together these and other examples to examine how disruptive tech- nologies enter and develop within society.”

The New Yorker, Reviewer’s Favorites 2010  : “Finding patterns in the fates of information empires.”

Publisher’s Weekly (Starred Review)  : “Wu’s engaging narrative and remarkable historical detail make this a compelling and galvanizing cry for sanity–and necessary deregulation–in the information age.”

Dallas Morning News  : “A grim prospect indeed. But this time it’s different – maybe”

Forbes  : “[A] brilliant exploration of the oscillations of communications technologies between ‘open’ and ‘closed’ from the early days of telephone up through Hollywood and broadcast television up to the Internet era.”

Huffington Post  : “[M]asterful….fascinating…. a superstar in the telecommunications world…. Wu has a way of presenting complex and important concepts in a clear and understandable way….eminently readable…. a wealth of….fabulous anecdotes….a warning that we ignore at our peril.”

Toronto Star  : “His widely praised book charts the seemingly inexorable progress of this phenomenon through history, flattening one information industry after another — first telephones, then radio, film and BizLearning.”

Kirkus Book Reviews (Starred Review) :  “Eye-opening reading, with implications for just about anyone….”

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