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Timon Weller – The Engulfing Trader

Timon Weller – The Engulfing Trader
[ 12 Videos (Mp4) + 4 Documents (PDF)]

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Timon Weller – The Engulfing Trader

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Well finally it is here, the final release of my core trading strategy that is the same strategy that I have also used in professional coaching. You asked for it and so here it is..

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Timon Weller and I have been trading now for many years. Like many others I had my ups and downs in this business, yet unlike many others I never gave up. Now, after many years of training, trading and success in the Forex Market and also teaching, I have finally decided to release my professional training program in a video series. Please bare in mind that this is the same strategy that would normally cost buckets loads in personal coaching.

That is where the Engulfing Trader Video Series comes in, a core training video series going over what I teach in a simple to understand fashion, going over a secret method and hard to identify pattern that turns an average trader within a few major changes into a much more profitable and professional trader..

Lessons Covered In the Video Series:
Identifying Major Structure
Identifying the Signal
Taking the Trade and Money Management
Understanding the Engulfing Candle Video
Advanced Entering
Advanced Entering Part 2
How to Trade on the Daily and Weekly Chart
How to Trade on the 4 Hour Chart
How to Trade on the 1 Hour Chart
How to Trade on the 15 Minute Chart
… The truth is this is not just a strategy, it is also a complete training series. No matter who you are, what sort of trader, you will still benefit.

Series covers over 3 hours of core training and understanding of what makes this simple yet effective Price Action Strategy work.


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