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Tom Greever – Lead and Manage a Design Team

Lead and Manage a Design Team
[42 videos (MP4) + 2 ebooks ( PDF)]

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Articulating Design Decisions

Tom Greever
Design Sprint

Richard Banfield, C. Todd Lombardo, and Trace Wax
O’Reilly Media, Inc.


In addition to creating wonderful designs, your design team needs to know how to communicate effectively with stakeholders, create prototypes, test usability, and move projects ahead on schedule. As a leader and manager, you job is to ensure that these things happen. This Learning Path will equip you with the practical skills you’ll use to help your team achieve its goals.


Articulating Design Decisions
Presented by Tom Greever 2 hours 51 minutes

In this course, you’ll learn principles and actionable methods for talking about your ideas with executives, marketers, and others who have influence over your web or app projects—with the goal of winning over these stakeholders and creating the best user experience. You’ll learn how to make the case for your designs by directly connecting them to business needs, use data, user testing, and other compelling research to justify your design decisions, and more.

Design Sprint
Presented by Richard Banfield, C. Todd Lombardo, and Trace Wax 1 hour 31 minutes

This course will teach you how to reduce your risk of failure by using design sprints, a unique process that enables your team to prototype and test a digital product idea within a week. As you learn the five steps involved in a sprint, you’ll discover that you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on a minimal product when a simple prototype will help you gain just as much information and insight.

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Author: Tom Greever

Tom Greever helps companies and organizations design better websites and apps. He is the UX Director at Bitovi, a front-end design and development consulting company, and has worked with both small startups and large corporations across many different industries. You can hire him to design your app, train your team, or speak at your next event. He lives in Illinois with his wife and five kids. He is probably cleaning up the house right now.

Authors: Richard Banfield, C. Todd Lombardo, Trace Wax

Richard Banfield

The CEO and Co-Founder of Boston-Based User Experience Agency Fresh Tilled Soil, Richard wears the strategic hat around the office. He’s worked his way up the web marketing food chain, starting with online ad sales at MultiChoice, Africa’s largest BizLearning and Internet media business. Richard was in the thick of it during the heady dot-com years, founding Acceleration, an international e-marketing business headquartered in London. He has never met a whiteboard he didn’t like.

C. Todd Lombardo

n a world of hyper-specialization, C. Todd stands in the intersections and sees the connections that revolve around us. As an Innovation Architect at Constant Contact’s InnoLoft, he facilitates product and service design sprints for a wide range of external startups and internal product teams. C. Todd is also a member of the adjunct faculty at Madrid’s prestigious IE Business School where he teaches courses on Creativity, Innovation, Design-Thinking and Communication.

Trace Wax

After a career in user experience design and research at companies like Microsoft and Nuance, Trace then became a developer at Pivotal Labs, and is now a Managing Director at thoughtbot. He has facilitated numerous product design sprints, and is an author and maintainer of thoughtbot’s design sprint methodology repository. He’s brought Lean and Agile methodology to many large companies and small startups, helping teams to focus, prioritize, and become happy and productive.


Genre:                              Management / Design
Original language:         English
Run Time:                        42 lectures | 4 hours
Release Date:                 July 2015, November 2015

Course Link:  

O’Reilly Learning Path – Lead and Manage a Design Team

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