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Tom Hopkins – How to Master the Art of Selling

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You’re in sales. Whether you call it persuasion or sharing, it all boils down to the same thing: Your aim is to get other people to accept you, your product, or your idea. Within this audiobook are hundreds of ideas and essential sales phrases for doing just that.

Tom Hopkins is unique in that he won’t teach you any strategy that he hasn’t proven to work successfully in real-life selling situations. One single strategy alone has tripled the sales volume of many listeners. That’s why the book is recognized as a timeless classic 35-plus years after its first printing. Imagine knowing the words, the lines, the techniques, the closes, and the tactics of the top 5 percent of salespeople in America!

   Sixteen words of sales jargon never to use with a potential client
   Seven buying signals that tell when someone is ready to buy
   A simple strategy for finding qualifying leads rather than wasting time with nonbuyers
   Five keys to overcoming rejection and becoming fearless
   Sixteen word-for-word closes – exactly how to ask for the sale

Considered the number-one resource for mastering closing skills, there’s no hype or theory here, just proven, effective how-to and practical selling skills to help you increase your sales volume immediately. The answers to nearly every sales objection are literally in your audio library. This audiobook with accompanying PDF workbook will save you the time it took Tom to master the art of selling.


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