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Tom Hopkins – Low Profile Selling

Tom Hopkins – Low Profile Selling [MP3]

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Tom Hopkins: Low Profile Selling — Act Like a Lamb, Sell Like a Lion
4 Audio CDs Set  (mp3 format)

Your selling style has as much impact on your career as your product knowledge and skills. The finer elements of low profile selling involve your manner, your style, your voice inflection and your attitude. In this program, you’ll not only get the message, but hear the style you need to adapt to in a live seminar format by Tom Hopkins.

• develop listening skills to aid in your knowledge-gathering.
• gain a clear understanding of the various personality types of buyers.
• master the buyer interview so the buyer tells you what they really want to own.
• learn effective strategies for dealing with the competition.
• build your business with existing clients through powerful add-on sales strategies.

Based on the book by the same name.



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