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Top Books for Entrepreneurs #14

Book GB 14
[115 eBooks (MOBI)]

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  • These books are the best of the best. Most don’t make the cut.

    Topic Areas Include;
    Finance and
    Personal Development

  • Many of these books have been selected from requests made here:

  • If you have a book you want to nominate for FUTURE GB’s, be sure you use the thread listed above.  

    What’s Included:

    Million Dollar Launch: How to Kick-start a Successful Consulting Practice in 90 Days

    Price: $16.70
    The Direct Mail Solution: A Business Owner’s Guide to Building a Lead-Generating, Sales-Driving, Money-Making Direct-Mail Campaign

    Price: $12.85
    Riding the Storm

    Price: $18.52

    The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand

    Price: $20.04
    Jeffrey Gitomer’s 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling: Proven Actions You Must Take to Make Easier, Faster, Bigger Sales…Now and Forever

    Price: $10.71
    The Emotionally Intelligent Investor: How self-awareness, empathy and intuition drive performance

    Price: $11.31
    The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence

    Price: $10.79
    The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company

    Price: $6.84
    Reputation Economics: Why Who You Know Is Worth More Than What You Have

    Price: $20.41
    42 Rules for 24-Hour Success on LinkedIn (2nd Edition): Learning to Generate Results Using LinkedIn for Leads

    Price: $9.91
    Smart Sales Manager: The Ultimate Playbook for Building and Running a High-Performance Inside Sales Team

    Price: $18.04
    The NEW Game of Selling

    Price: $3.24
    Customers Included: How to Transform Products, Companies, and the World – With a Single Step

    Price: $10.57
    How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport! 13 Ways To Create Open Minds By Talking To The Subconscious Mind

    Price: $3.67
    Highly Recommended: Harnessing the Power of Word of Mouth and Social Media to Build Your Brand and Your Business

    Price: $18.03
    Data Science for Business: What you need to know about data mining and data-analytic thinking

    Price: $4.74 $19.29
    23 Anti-Procrastination Habits: How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Results in Your Life

    Price: $3.67
    The Productive Person: A how-to guide book filled with productivity hacks & daily schedules for entrepreneurs, students or anyone struggling with work-life balance.

    Price: $5.65
    The 28 Laws of Attraction: Stop Chasing Success and Let It Chase You

    Price: $15.13
    Public Relations

    Price: $19.43

    The Truth About Trust: How It Determines Success in Life, Love, Learning, and More

    Price: $18.71
    Marketing Insights from A to Z: 80 Concepts Every Manager Needs to Know

    Price: $21.92
    e-Study Guide for: Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion by Thomas OGuinn, ISBN 9780538473323

    Price: $9.66
    Clued In: How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again

    Price: $22.78
    Assessment of Couples and Families: Contemporary and Cutting-Edge Strategies (Family Therapy and Counseling)

    Price: $36.53
    [url=]I Is an Other: The Secret Life of metaphor and How it Shapes the Way We See the World [/url]

    Price: $9.35
    The 29% Solution: 52 Weekly Networking Success Stories

    Price: $7.53
    The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret

    Price: $9.67
    Business Networking and Sex: Not What You Think

    Price: $15.81
    Truth or Delusion?: Busting Networking’s Biggest Myths

    Price: $17.78
    Masters of Success

    Price: $13.70
    The World’s Worst Networker: Lessons Learned By The Best From The Absolute Worst!

    Price: $8.47
    ROOM FULL OF REFERRALS® …”and how to network for them!”

    Price: $9.62
    Masters of Sales

    Price: $9.87
    Exceptional Care for Your Valued Client

    Price: $10.78
    Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety

    Price: $4.10
    Losing Control: How and Why People Fail at Self-Regulation

    Price: $22.90
    Beyond Freedom and Dignity

    Price: $7.92
    Reinforcement Today

    Price: $2.94
    Walden Two

    Price: $8.01
    The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul

    Price: $13.01
    Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance (2nd Edition)

    Price: $20.74
    The Data Asset: How Smart Companies Govern Their Data for Business Success (Wiley and SAS Business Series)

    Price: $35.59
    Perfecting Your Pitch: How to Succeed in Business and in Life by Finding Words That Work

    Price: $18.71
    The Naked Presenter: Delivering Powerful Presentations With or Without Slides (Voices That Matter)

    Price: $11.85
    The Power Presenter: Technique, style, and Strategy from America’s Top Speaking Coach

    Price: $18.47
    The Non-Designer’s Presentation Book

    Price: $15.81
    Presentation Zen Design: Simple Design Principles and Techniques to Enhance Your Presentations (2nd Edition) (Voices That Matter)

    Price: $22.73
    Knockout Presentations: How to Deliver Your Message with Power, Punch, and Pizzazz

    Price: $9.91
    SPEAK LIKE YOURSELF…NO, REALLY! Follow Your Strengths and Skills to Great Public Speaking

    Price: $9.37

    Price: $11.15
    The Lost Art of the Great Speech: How to Write One–How to Deliver It

    Price: $5.83
    The World’s Great Speeches: Fourth Enlarged (1999) Edition

    Price: $14.45

    Book The Business: How To Make BIG MONEY With Your Book Without Even Selling A Single Copy

    Price: $10.33
    Small Move, Big Change: Using Microresolutions to Transform Your Life Permanently

    Price: $20.15
    The Art of Short Selling (A Marketplace Book)

    Price: $41.76
    Short stories from the stock market: Uncovering common themes in falling stocks to find uncommon short ideas

    Price: $10.25

    The Art of Being Unmistakable: A Collection of Essays About Making a Dent in The Universe

    Price: $3.67
    Privacy in the Age of Big Data: Recognizing Threats, Defending Your Rights, and Protecting Your Family

    Price: $25.17
    Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together

    Price: $11.52
    Celebrity Culture and the American Dream: Stardom and Social Mobility

    Price: $28.87
    Elite Minds: Creating the Competitive Advantage

    Price: $9.45
    Socrates’ Way: Seven Keys to Using Your Mind to the Utmost

    Price: $14.39
    The Thinker’s Guide to Analytic Thinking

    Price: $5.09
    The Thinker’s Guide to The Art of Socratic Questioning

    Price: $5.11
    Writing Habit Mastery – How to Write 2,000 Words a Day and Forever Cure Writer’s Block

    Price: $3.67
    The Productive Person: A how-to guide book filled with productivity hacks & daily schedules for entrepreneurs, students or anyone struggling with work-life balance.

    Price: $5.63
    The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

    Price: $1.97
    Willpower: NOW! How to Develop Instant Willpower & Self Discipline Through The Power of Effective Self Control Techniques (Willpower, Self Control, Procrastination, Time Management, Self Discipline)

    Price: $3.68
    Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest: Improve Your Memory and Learning, Organize Your Brain, and Effectively Manage Your Knowledge

    Price: $7.05

    Co-Active Coaching, 3rd Edition: Changing Business, Transforming Lives

    Price: $27.91
    Coaching Questions: A Coach’s Guide to Powerful Asking Skills

    Price: $10.33
    Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth

    Price: $8.66
    Practicing Radical Honesty

    Price: $10.82
    People Analytics: How Social Sensing Technology Will Transform Business and What It Tells Us about the Future of Work

    Price: $19.76
    Peak Profit Potential

    Price: $10.29
    Digital State: How the Internet is Changing Everything

    Price: $10.81
    Laddering: Unlocking the Potential of Consumer Behavior

    Price: $22.14
    The Big Lie. . . or interpreting your global customer’s inner life for profit

    Price: $12.67
    Marketing in Context: Setting the Scene

    Price: $28.84
    Killing Giants: 10 Strategies To Topple The Goliath In Your Industry

    Price: $14.09
    The Conversation Company: Boost Your Business Through Culture, People and Social Media

    Price: $18.91
    Good Works!: Marketing and Corporate Initiatives that Build a Better World…and the Bottom Line

    Price: $20.44
    B2B Marketing Confessions

    Price: $11.02
    Social Networks and their Economics: Influencing Consumer Choice

    Price: $57.43

    Defending Your Brand: How Smart Companies Use Defensive Strategy to Deal with Competitive Attacks

    Price: $12.97
    The Shopper Economy: The New Way to Achieve Marketplace Success by Turning Behavior into Currency

    Price: $20.14
    Experiment!: Website conversion rate optimization with A/B and multivariate testing

    Price: $16.58
    Web Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy That Grabs Their Attention and Compels Them to Buy

    Price: $15.79
    The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers

    Price: $14.38
    Life: The Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality (Vintage)

    Price: $12.19

    Go Mobile: Location-Based Marketing, Apps, Mobile Optimized Ad Campaigns, 2D Codes and Other Mobile Strategies to Grow Your Business

    Price: $19.77
    Body Language: It’s What You Don’t Say That Matters

    Price: $15.07
    Out of Office: work where you like & achieve more

    Price: $2.44
    Opening the Mind’s Eye: Clarity and Spaciousness in Buddhist Practice

    Price: $9.19
    Designing for Behavior Change: Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics

    Price: $23.72
    The Art of Worldly Wisdom (Illustrated)

    Price: $1.22

    Get the Life You Really Want (Quick Reads) (Quick Reads 2012)

    Price: $2.84
    Start Your Business in 7 Days: Turn Your Idea Into a Life-Changing Success

    Price: $9.91
    Attack Your Day!: Before It Attacks You

    Price: $11.85
    Absolute Value: What Really Influences Customers in the Age of (Nearly) Perfect Information

    Price: $13.66
    Impact: Great Leadership Changes Everything

    Price: $17.78
    Scaling up Excellence

    Price: $15.07
    Smart People Should Build Things: How to Restore Our Culture of Achievement, Build a Path for Entrepreneurs, and Create New Jobs in America

    Price: $12.24
    Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress, and Lead by Example

    Price: $18.19
    The Economist Numbers Guide: The Essentials of Business Numeracy

    Price: $14.87
    Talk is (Not!) Cheap: The Art of Conversation Leadership

    Price: $7.29

    The Executive Checklist: A Guide for Setting Direction and Managing Change

    Price: $21.63
    Left Brain, Right Stuff: How Leaders Make Winning Decisions

    Price: $16.99
    The Moment of Clarity: Using the Human Sciences to Solve Your Toughest Business Problems

    Price: $18.69
    Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations That Accelerate Change

    Price: $20.14

    The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day

    Price: $17.81
    Mindwise: How We Understand What Others Think, Believe, Feel, and Want

    Price: $15.07
    The Art of Product Design: Changing How Things Get Made

    Price: $23.72
    Storyscaping: Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds

    Price: $23.72
    The 250 Sales Questions To Close The Deal

    Price: $10.67

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