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Top Books for Entrepreneurs #22

Book GB 22
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  • These books are the best of the best. Most don’t make the cut.

    Topic Areas Include;
    Finance and
    Personal Development

  • Many of these books have been selected from requests made here:

  • If you have a book you want to nominate for FUTURE GB’s, be sure you use the thread listed above.  

    What’s Included:

    Book 1
    The Man Who Sold America: The Amazing (but True!) Story of Albert D. Lasker and the Creation of the Advertising Century
    Price: $17.38

    Book 5
    Kickass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps: Build the Buzz and Sell the Sizzle (Entrepreneur Magazine)
    Price: $14.12

    Book 6
    Write Right: 26 Tips To Improve Your Writing. Dramatically.
    Price: $4.34

    Book 7
    Edward R. Murrow’s This I Believe: Selections from the 1950s Radio Series
    Price: $8.80

    Book 8
    Networking Magic: How to Find Connections that Transform your Life
    Price: $9.67

    Book 9
    Eugene M. Schwartz’s Breakthrough Advertising Made Easy: Timeless Copywriting Wisdom Shortened, Summarized, and Simplified
    Price: $10.87

    Book 10
    How to Write Ads That Get The Sale!: A Collection of Copywriting Classics (Masters of Marketing Series Book 15)
    Price: $9.08

    Book 11
    Eugene M. Schwartz’ Breakthrough Advertising Review Notes: What Makes Marketing Work – For Real (Masters of Marketing Secrets Book 2)
    Price: $6.05

    Book 12
    The Untold Story Behind Advertising: Origins of American Marketing Revealed… (Masters of Marketing Secrets Book 12)
    Price: $7.99

    Book 13
    How to Write Ad Copy That Works: A Course in Classic Marketing (Masters of Marketing Secrets Book 6)
    Price: $6.48

    Book 14
    The What, How, and Why of Advertising: Unknown Basics That Shape Ad Response (Masters of Marketing Secrets Book 13)
    Price: $6.48

    Book 15
    The Robert Collier Copywriting Course: Learn to Write Sales Letters that Pay (Masters of Marketing Secrets Book 9)
    Price: $7.99

    Book 16
    My Life in Advertising
    Price: $3.20

    Book 17
    Scientific Advertising (Annotated): From the First Great Copywriter (Masters of Marketing Secrets Book 10)
    Price: $6.48

    Book 18
    Yes, And: How Improvisation Reverses “No, But” Thinking and Improves Creativity and Collaboration–Lessons from The Second City
    Price: $17.19

    Book 19
    Frugal Innovation: How to do more with less (Economist Books)
    Price: $14.99

    Book 20
    Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in a World of Churn
    Price: $7.68

    Book 21
    100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, Third Edition: Change Your Life Forever
    Price: $12.70

    Book 22
    Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court
    Price: $11.89

    Book 23
    Plan Your Estate
    Price: $31.45

    Book 24
    Make Your Own Living Trust
    Price: $27.37

    Book 25
    Executor’s Guide, The: Settling a Loved One’s Estate or Trust
    Price: $29.02

    Book 26
    What’s Your Genius? How The Best THINK For Success In The New Economy.
    Price: $10.86

    Book 27
    Return on Engagement: Content Strategy and Web Design Techniques for Digital Marketing
    Price: $22.01

    Book 28
    Global Content Strategy
    Price: $12.20

    Book 29
    Content Strategy (Smashing eBooks Book 44)
    Price: $6.18

    Book 30
    Attitudes and Attitude Change (Social Psychology: A Modular Course)
    Price: $49.86

    Book 31
    The Psychology of Entrepreneurship (SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series)
    Price: $47.25

    Book 32
    Curate This!: The Hands-On, How-To Guide To Content Curation
    Price: $10.86

    Book 33
    The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness
    Price: $14.06

    Book 34
    TOC Thinking: Removing Constraints for Business Growth

    Price: $12.56

    Book 35
    Theory of Constraints – The Basics: Simple Concepts, Profound Implications
    Price: $20.46

    Book 36
    Necessary but Not Sufficient
    Price: $12.56

    Book 37
    Glass Jaw: A Manifesto for Defending Fragile Reputations in an Age of Instant Scandal
    Price: Not Available

    Book 38
    Website Optimization: An Hour a Day
    Price: $19.63

    Book 39
    Master The Essentials of Conversion Optimization: Experts’ Approach to Optimization
    Price: $3.35

    Book 40
    LinkedIn Riches: How to Leverage the World’s Largest Professional Network to Enhance Your Brand, Generate Leads and Increase Revenue!
    Price: $9.74

    Book 41
    From Me to We
    Price: $25.37

    Book 42
    Customer Analytics For Dummies
    Price: $24.19

    Book 43
    The Wallet Allocation Rule: Winning the Battle for Share
    Price: $11.96

    Book 44
    Engaged Journalism: Connecting With Digitally Empowered News Audiences (Columbia Journalism Review Books)
    Price: $28.98

    Book 45
    God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican
    Price: $18.14

    Book 46
    Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice
    Price: $14.99

    Book 47
    The Hidden Leader: Discover and Develop Greatness within Your Company
    Price: $14.87

    Book 48
    Measuring Happiness: The Economics of Well-Being
    Price: $19.09

    Book 49
    Agile for Project Managers (Best Practices and Advances in Program Management Series)
    Description: The role of the project manager with agile differs significantly from traditional project management in that there is minimal up-front planning. This book will help project managers from any industry transition to agile project management. The book focuses on the project management component of agility, concentrating on industry standards, certifications, and being agile. The book’s focus is in alignment with the Project Management Institute (PMI®) Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) credential—making it ideal for anyone preparing for the PMI-ACP® exam.
    Price: $58.03

    Book 50
    Techniques and Sample Outputs that Drive Business Excellence (The Little Big Book Series)
    Price: $28.60

    Book 51
    The Powerhouse: Inside the Invention of a Battery to Save the World
    Price: $17.90

    Book 52
    Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World
    Price: $15.72

    Book 53
    The objective Leader: How to Leverage the Power of Seeing Things As They Are
    Price: $17.85

    Book 54
    Unretirement: How Baby Boomers are Changing the Way We Think About Work, Community, and the Good Life
    Price: $10.52

    Book 55
    The Art of Consultative Selling in IT: Taking Blue Ocean Strategy a Step Ahead
    Price: $38.67

    Book 56
    The Bill Cook Story II: The Re-Visionary
    Price: $19.95

    Book 57
    The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 Million
    Price: $14.26

    Book 58
    Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence
    Price: $18.14

    Book 59
    Simple Habits for Complex Times: Powerful Practices for Leaders
    Price: $23.29

    Book 60
    The Little Book of Clarity: A quick guide to focus and declutter your mind
    Price: $12.07

    Book 61
    Key Performance Indicators For Dummies
    Price: $20.22

    Book 62
    The Gift of Time
    Price: $9.51

    The 2R Manager: When to Relate, When to Require, and How to Do Both Effectively (tagline: All the Tools You Need to Transform Your Management style an
    Price: $26.56

    Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load for the Good Life
    Price: $12.12

    The Ten Demandments
    Price: $17.27

    Go To Market Strategy
    Price: $45.36

    Being the Shopper: Understanding the Buyer’s Choice
    Price: $18.65

    Working Stiff’s Manifesto: A Memoir
    Price: $11.96

    Best Business Crime Writing of the Year
    Price: $9.66

    Hire With Your Head: Using Performance-Based Hiring to Build Great Teams
    Price: $21.77

    The New Law of Demand and Supply: The Revolutionary New Demand Strategy for Faster Growth and Higher Profits
    Price: $17.12

    Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance?
    Price: $10.17

    The Maverick and His Machine: Thomas Watson, Sr. and the Making of IBM
    Price: $25.29

    The Trusted Leader
    Price: $16.93

    Stuff Happens (and then you fix it!): 9 Reality Rules to Steer Your Life Back in the Right Direction
    Price: $12.12

    Making Rain: The Secrets of Building Lifelong Client Loyalty
    Price: $37.64

    Why Smart Executives Fail: And What You Can Learn from Their Mistakes
    Price: $14.32

    Book 67
    Absolute Honesty: Building a Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity
    Price: $18.74

    It’s Alive: The Coming Convergence of Information, Biology, and Business
    Price: $18.14

    What Really Works: The 4+2 Formula For Sustained Business Success
    Price: $13.57

    A Branded World: Adventures in Public Relations and the Creation of Superbrands
    Price: $27.10

    Why Pride Matters More Than Money: The Power of the World’s Greatest Motivational Force (Crown Business Briefings)
    Price: $12.12

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