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Top Books for Entrepreneurs #32

top books for entrepreneurs 32
[92 eBooks (MOBI)]

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  • These books are the best of the best. Most don’t make the cut.

    Topic Areas Include;
    Finance and
    Personal Development

  • Many of these books have been selected from requests made here:

  • If you have a book you want to nominate for FUTURE GB’s, be sure you use the thread listed above.  

    (Participants ALSO get access to the Ben Settle’s
    Email Players worth $97 and Access to ‘Heroic Public Speaking Total Immersion’ (worth $1999).

    What’s Included:

    Superconnect: Harnessing the Power of Networks and the Strength of Weak Links
    Price: $12.99

    The System is the Secret: Proven Ways to Implement the Systems that Will Transform and Grow Your Business
    Price: $9.99

    The Wisest One in the Room: How You Can Benefit from Social Psychology’s Most Powerful Insights
    Price: $14.99

    The Strategy Book: How to Think and Act Strategically to Deliver Outstanding Results  
    Price: $18.39

    OutManeuver: OutThink-Don’t OutSpend  
    Price: $3.99

    Booked: The digital marketing and social media appointment setting system for anyone looking for a steady stream of leads, appointments, and new clients.  
    Price: $9.99

    The Power of Thanks: How Social Recognition Empowers Employees and Creates a Best Place to Work: How Social Recognition Empowers Employees and Creates a Best Place to Work DIGITAL AUDIO
    Price: $13.99

    Words Like Loaded Pistols: Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama
    Price: $14.57

    Plain Talk: Lessons from a Business Maverick
    Price: $29.60

    It’s Not What You Say: How to Sell Your Message When It Matters Most
    Price: $11.99

    Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends
    Price: $12.99

    The Power of Business Process Improvement: 10 Simple Steps to Increase Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Adaptability
    Price: $18.12

    A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature’s Deep Design
    Price: $14.99

    Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing
    Price: $18.39

    The Medical Practice Start-Up Guide
    Price: $64.00

    31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice
    Price: $56.00

    The Medical Entrepreneur: Pearls, Pitfalls and Practical Business Advice for Doctors
    Price: $9.99

    The Million Dollar Private Practice: Using Your Expertise to Build a Business That Makes a Difference
    Price: $17.99

    Start Your Own Medical Practice: A Guide to All the Things They Don’t Teach You in Medical School about Starting Your Own Practice (Open for Business)
    Price: $19.99

    The Zero-Turnover Sales Force: How to Maximize Revenue by Keeping Your Sales Team Intact
    Price: $14.72

    Elevate: The Three Disciplines of Advanced Strategic Thinking
    Price: $15.19

    Long Story Short: The Only Storytelling Guide You’ll Ever Need
    Price: $9.99
    Presenting with Credibility: Practical Tools and Techniques for Effective Presentations
    Price: $9.95

    Presentation Patterns: Techniques for Crafting Better Presentations
    Price: $17.27

    Get Slightly Famous: Become a Celebrity in Your Field and Attract More Business with Less Effort
    Price: $9.99

    The Thought Leadership Manual
    Price: $9.99

    The Expert’s Edge: Become the Go-To Authority People Turn to Every Time: Become the Go-To Authority People Turn to Every Time
    Price: $14.54

    Empire of Deception: The Incredible Story of a Master Swindler Who Seduced a City and Captivated the Nation
    Price: $9.99

    Screen to Screen Selling: How to Increase Sales, Productivity, and Customer Experience with the Latest Technology
    Price: $17.49

    Uncomplicate Business: All It Takes Is People, Time, and Money
    Price: $9.99

    Big Weed: An Entrepreneur’s High-Stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal Marijuana Business  
    Price: $12.99
    Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success
    Price: $13.99

    King Icahn: Biography of a Renegade Capitalist
    Price: $9.99

    Build A 6 Figure Product Business: Earn good money doing what you love and still have time to play
    Price: $5.99

    Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs
    Price: $12.99

    The Tax and Legal Playbook: Game-Changing Solutions to Your Small-Business Questions
    Price: $9.99

    What Your CPA Isn’t Telling You: Life-Changing Tax Strategies
    Price: $9.99

    Persuadable: How Great Leaders Change Their Minds to Change the World
    Price: $16.99

    Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work
    Price: $10.95

    Service Design for Business: A Practical Guide to Optimizing the Customer Experience
    Price: $11.99

    Douglas McGregor, Revisited: Managing the Human Side of the Enterprise  
    Price: $27.69
    7 Strategies for Success in Business and Life: The Inner Game Skills
    Price: $37.00

    Stories From The Middle Seat
    Price: $6.99

    Hardcore [c]Loser
    Price: $9.99

    How to Retire with Enough Money: And How to Know What Enough Is
    Price: $8.49

    Viralnomics: How to Get People to Want to Talk About You
    Price: $7.99

    Organize Tomorrow Today: 8 Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life
    Price: $12.49

    The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace
    Price: $11.99

    Design for How People Learn (Voices That Matter)
    Price: $19.79

    HBR’s 10 Must Reads 2016: The Definitive Management Ideas of the Year from Harvard Business Review (with bonus McKinsey Award–Winning article “Profits Without Prosperity”) (HBR’s 10 Must Reads)
    Price: $13.60

    Driven to Delight: Delivering World-Class Customer Experience the Mercedes-Benz Way: Delivering World-Class Customer Experience the Mercedes-Benz Way  
    Price: $14.85
    Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives: Ethical and Effective Online Marketing  
    Price: $9.99
    501 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Customers
    Price: $10.47

    Paper Napkin Wisdom: Your Five Step Plan For Life and Business Success
    Price: $9.99

    The Power to Get Things Done: (Whether You Feel Like It or Not)
    Price: $12.99

    Infusionsoft for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Automation and Building Your First Campaign Kindle Edition  
    Price: $9.99
    Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words
    Price: $12.99

    Empire of Cotton: A Global History  
    Price: $13.99
    The Ways to New: 15 Paths to Disruptive Innovation
    Price: $14.99

    The Rival: Play the Game, Own the Hustle, Power in Competition, Longevity in Collaboration
    Price: $9.99

    We Have the Technology: How Biohackers, Foodies, Physicians, and Scientists Are Transforming Human Perception, One Sense at a Time
    Price: $15.39

    TED Books Box Set: The Completist (7 Book Series)
    Price: $55.93

    The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage
    Price: $13.99

    The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated
    Price: $9.99

    The Opportunity Analysis Canvas  
    Price: $4.99
    The End of Average: How We Succeed in a World That Values Sameness
    Price: $14.99

    The Right Kind of Crazy: A True Story of Teamwork, Leadership, and High-Stakes Innovation  
    Price: $14.99
    The Sales Development Playbook: Build Repeatable Pipeline and Accelerate Growth with Inside Sales
    Price: $6.49

    The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies
    Price: $10.32

    The Internet Is Not the Answer
    Price: $9.00

    Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time
    Price: $9.99

    The Big Bucket List Book: 133 Experiences of a Lifetime
    Price: $9.71

    Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Marketing Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences
    Price: $9.95

    The Power of Fifty Bits: The New Science of Turning Good Intentions into Positive Results
    Price: $16.99

    The 3 Gaps: Are You Making a Difference?
    Price: $9.99

    Matter: Move Beyond the Competition, Create More Value, and Become the Obvious Choice
    Price: $12.99
    The Startup Equation: A Visual Guidebook to Building Your Startup  
    Price: $17.96

    The Discussion Book: 50 Great Ways to Get People Talking  
    Price: $14.49

    The Base of the Pyramid Promise: Building Businesses with Impact and Scale  
    Price: $19.99

    Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization  
    Price: $10.99

    How to Sell: Recipes for Retail  
    Price: $9.99
    Agile Marketing: Building Endurance for Your Content Marketing Team  
    Price: $9.99

    Creating Intelligent Teams: Leading with Relationship Systems Intelligence  
    Price: $25.00

    Start with Humility  
    Price: $9.99

    Thinking: The New Science of Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, and Prediction in Life and Markets (Best of Edge Series)  
    Price: $9.99

    Arguments and Arguing: The Products and Process of Human Decision Making [Print Replica]  
    Price: $25.77

    Handbook of Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology: Volume 5  
    Price: $104.49

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