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Troy Dean (WP Elevation) – High Ticket Sales Funnels

Troy Dean – High Ticket Sales Funnels
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Here’s what you’ll learn inside High Ticket Sales Funnels…

Module One

If you’ve ever questioned whether you should take time away from client work to build your own sales funnel, this module will tell you exactly why you should, but more importantly, why you’ll burn out if you don’t.

We’ll explore what a high ticket sales funnel is and why you need one, how to set financial and non-financial goals and show you how your funnel will help you achieve them.

Module Two

In module two we reveal the overarching strategy and architecture of the funnels we’ve used to effortlessly attract clients and grow both WP Elevation and the Mavericks Club.

I’ve personally invested countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars of my own money into learning this strategy, testing it, tweaking it, iterating it, and making it perfect. We also spend tens of thousands of dollars every month on driving paid traffic to this funnel, so we know it works.

Now, we’re going to teach you the strategy behind high ticket sales funnels from start to finish, and we’re leaving nothing out.

Module Three

Time to create your marketing assets! But where do you start?

Module three features the scripts you’ll need for every part of your high ticket sales funnel. No need to waste time overthinking it or reinventing the wheel… we’re simply going to share with you the message that we know is proven to work.

Module Four

Not the techiest person in the world? We’ve got you covered!

In module four we’re walking you step-by-step through all the technology needed to design, build, and automate your high ticket sales funnel.

We’ll show you how to ensure each page is set up correctly and integrated with the next and help you build a seamless end-to-end experience that captivates your ideal customers’ attention, inspires their trust and takes them from complete strangers into fully paid up clients.

Module Five

As a service provider it’s easy to push your own work products to the side, especially when you have paying clients eating up all your time.

We know finding the balance between working in and working on your business is tough, which is why in module five, we’ll help you plan out when and how you’ll make your high ticket sales funnel live.



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