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TTC – The Art of Debate

TTC – The Art of Debate(1)
[24 Videos (MP4) + 1 eBook (PDF)]

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The Art of Debate ( 2017)  Jarrod Atchison, Ph.D. Wake Forest University

24 x 30 minutes Lectures. 1 eBook PDF (275 pages).

A Practical Course for the Debate Stage, the Boardroom, or the Cocktail Party
Whether you are trying to make a tough business decision, lead a lively discussion at the dinner table, or simply want to put a loudmouth in his place at a cocktail party, this course will elevate your strategic thinking, giving you insight not only into how to craft an argument, but how to present ideas more generally. Think of the practical lessons you will gain from the course as a toolkit that will help you create a foundation from formal debate techniques, resulting in clearer thinking and better living overall. Whether you want to join a local debate club or just want a primer for better reasoning and decision-making, The Art of Debate offers a dynamic introduction to one of life’s most fascinating skills.

– Explore the elements of a formal debate and see how structured argumentation can help you clarify your thinking and make better decisions.

– Study real-world dilemmas to unpack the techniques of a good debate so you can make stronger arguments in your own life.

– Discover the thrill of a serious, professional debate. Find out why debates matter and what they can offer everyday citizens.

– From building cases to winning a cross-examination to communicating decisions, uncover the elements necessary to become a great debater.

Among the skillsets you will learn, you will also:
Find out how to build affirmative and negative cases (and the goals for each party of the debate).
Explore the strategies for attacking and defending arguments during the cross-examination.
Learn to think quicker on your feet to deliver airtight rebuttals.
Delve into advanced debating techniques like those that draw from formal logic or take advantage of conceding a point.
See how the strongest debaters take notes to ensure they don’t inadvertently concede a point through omission.
Slide into the mind of the judge and discover how best to communicate your reason for a decision.

Course Lessons:
01 The Hidden Value of Debate
02 When and How to Use Debate
03 The Proposition: Choosing What to Debate
04 The Structure of Argument
05 Using Evidence in Debate
06 Fallacies in Your Opponent’s Research
07 Fallacies in Your Opponent’s Arguments
08 Elements of a Good Case
09 Arguing for the Affirmative
10 Building Affirmative Cases
11 Arguing for the Negative
12 Building Negative Cases
13 The Crucible of Cross-Examination
14 Asking and Answering Leading Questions
15 Open-Ended Questions: Setting Traps
16 Essentials of a Persuasive Rebuttal
17 Dealing with the Unexpected in Debate
18 Even If Arguments: The Essential Weapon
19 Debate Jujitsu: Flipping the Warrant
20 The Power of Concessions
21 Conditional Argumentation
22 Line-by-Line Refutation
23 Judging Debates: The Art of the Decision
24 Winning the Cocktail Party

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