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*TV.Click* Jay Abraham $35K Library – Guardian Angel Program, Grounding Material

Jay Abraham’s Strategy Setting Super Summit–35K Package 68 CD’s
[9 Audio CD’s (68 MP3s)]

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Netvicar note:Apparent dupe of , but perhaps this one was perhaps later distributed (or sold) under a different name. The other product contents all docs etc. and is half the size

This is the entire collection of the 68CD’s of the Grounding Material that came as a part of the Jay Abraham Guardian Angel-Wealth Mentoring Program.  This is a year-long program in which you are “mentored” by Jay Abraham and Gordon Bizar and taught the skills of how to purchase and consolidate businesses.  See the sales letter below that is found at:




Your Secret Weapon:
The Guardian Angel Wealth Mentoring Group


Date: July 2nd, 2006 6:39PM
From: Jay Abraham

Dear Friend,

If you were going to prospect for gold today, would you do it with a pack mule, a pickaxe, a pan and a shovel at the edge of an obscure stream?

Or, would you rather do it with state-of-the-art P&H blasthole drill and towering 115 ton per scoop electric mining shovel, with a 320 ton capacity Komatsu mining truck hauling off the ore from your track in the heart of a proven mother lode.

Simply stated, you can’t prosper in the 21st century using 19th century methods, technology and resources. So why would you run your business that way?

In the 19th and 20th century, businesses were built using capital (cash) as the fundamental component. The bigger the business the more capital required.

In the last decade of the 20th and now in the 21st century, the fundamental component for the building of any business is knowledge. The paradigm for building wealth through your own business has changed. Have you?

Under the old paradigm you worked to save up initial capital; you cornered your relatives and friends until they too came up with some money. Then you started your business from scratch, worked 60 to 80 hours a week with your home, savings and dearest relationships at risk.

As you developed your business, any profits were ploughed back into the business with little or nothing to show for it personally…and you continued this way for years until your business finally started supporting you instead of you supporting it.

Under the new paradigm — no personal cash, credit or risk are required.

You use knowledge and financial leverage to purchase already successful businesses, or troubled companies for which you have knowledge that can turn them quickly into winners.

You produce a large surplus of cash with each purchase that puts meaningful cash into your personal pocket.
And, you develop a positive cash flow quickly from operations that supports your desired lifestyle from very early on. You multiply your wealth through the replication of these proven templates — until you have more wealth then you dare leave to your children and grandchildren.

Today, if you still believe that; if you had more cash, you could build a bigger and more prosperous business, you are still thinking in 19th and 20th century metrics.

The advent of the PC and the Internet enable us to put today’s state-of-the-art knowledge and tools for business wealth building in your hands for immediate use.

I would like to invite you to join me on a year-long journey into Business Wealth Building with my partner Gordon Bizar who is the leading practitioner of knowledge-based business and wealth building leverage.

You owe it to yourself to invest your time to learn about the knowledge and tools that can exponentially multiply your business wealth building capacity.  There’s virtually no downside risk to you whatsoever; because you can try our mentorship group out for a full 45 days before your membership will be binding on your part. Why wait? Enroll now.

During this year-long adventure, you will learn about the strategies, techniques and tools which got the following results (all achieved with little or no cash, personal credit or risk):

Carl Phillips was a hired-gun president of Fireproof Safe Manufacturing Company owned by 5 old-line Louisville, Kentucky families.

Carl used our Full-Leverage Buyout Strategy combined with our Hidden Assets and Minority Squeeze-Out Strategies to purchase the entire company without a dime of his own cash, without making a single payment of any kind ever, and without ever incurring a dime of risk.
J.B. McGuire, a lawyer tired of taking abuse from his clients, and his wife Marilyn used our Full Leverage Buyout Strategy to buy a chain of 5 already established Arby’s fast food restaurants.

Not only did they not have to put up any money, but they put $90,000 cash in their pocket out of the close of escrow.
Chris Lippman, an under employed construction worker, started an earthquake reinforcement construction firm from scratch.

He started with $10,000 and using our customer leveraged financing strategy built a company worth over $3,000,000 in less than two years.
Ruth Paul, a housewife with a severe heart condition, started a Health and Fitness Spa for health impaired men and Women who are not permitted to join traditional fitness gyms and clubs. She combined our Leverage Startup Strategy with our Simultaneous Marketing and Raising Investor Capital Strategy to develop her prototype spa.

She further used and modified these strategies through our Franchising Templates to replicate the prototype into eight cities in seven western states. Why wait? Enroll now.
Sam Oughton, an auto mechanic, using our Supplier Supported Takeover Strategy bought an Industrial Tire Distributorship using none of his own cash.

Within three months, he bought a second one, again with no cash. Within 2 years he bought 7 more building his company into the dominant industrial tire distributor in his region of the county.
Warren Williams, a broke, out of work, black, truck driver with a severe speech impediment, actually innovated what became our Employee Supported Takeover.

With not a dime of his own money, he organized the drivers of an about-to-go-bankrupt trucking company to each buy the company truck they drove and using our double escrow technique turned the cash generated by the sale of the trucks into the cash he used to buy the company.

With the former employee/drivers now owner/operators of their own trucks, the high costs and low productivity that drove the original company to the verge of bankruptcy were reversed and today Warren is a multimillionaire from this single transaction.
Jim Mason, a chemical engineer, who was fed up working for bosses who didn’t know as much as he did, combined two of our strategies, Investor Supported Takeover and Leverage Buyout, to purchase an Irrigation Pipe Manufacturing Company.

He then used his chemical engineering skills to revolutionize the business with his invention of the porous irrigation piping that seeps moisture into the ground evenly along its entire length. Why wait? Enroll now.
Sam McCullough, a minor league Oklahoma wildcat oil driller, used our Money-Talent Takeover Strategy to buy a defunct Oil Drilling Company and parlay it into one of the largest and most successful oil drilling companies worldwide.
Jim Mahoney, a Wisconsin Cheese Broker, evolved one of our cash management techniques, into an acquisition Strategy called a Floating Buyout. He used the Floating Buyout to purchase his major competitor.

Over a three year period, he replicated this strategy over and over again until he had become the dominant cheese broker in the US for Wisconsin, California and New Jersey produced cheese.
Max Weiss, a successful heating and air-conditioning salesman, used our Purchase Order Takeover strategy to buy his way into partial ownership of a Furnace Manufacturing Company.

He then used our Internally Generated Buyout Strategy to buyout the original majority owners and take total ownership and control of the company.
Myrna Molar, a creative and very successful advertising agency owner, got tired of making tens of millions of dollars for her clients with her brilliant marketing campaigns while only making a good six figure income for herself.

She used our Work-In Buyout Strategy to leverage her relationship with one of her large accounts (a large nationally distributed baking company) into her purchase of a minority ownership interest in a small Los Angeles Baking Company.

She further modified our Supplier Supported Takeover Strategy to eliminate the need for any capital on her part. She then used our Internally Generated Takeover Strategy to buyout the majority owner of the small LA Bakery Company, taking over total ownership and control. She used our Full Leverage Buyout Strategy to purchase other small bakeries in other parts of the country and within four years parlayed the sale of her company to her former large National Baking Company client for more than $7 million cash net to her.
Michael Clifton’s hobby was driving the latest hottest model Porsche. Each year he would buy his new Porsche paying the dealer the retail price and sell his used one back to the dealer for its used wholesale value. His cost of ownership for the year’s loss in value plus insurance, interest costs, tax, license fees and maintenance was about $75,000 a year.

Michael used our Simultaneous Marketing and Raising Investor Capital Strategy to raise $750,000 from ten investors who also wanted a new Porsche to drive every year.

Using the investor cash as down payment and our Leverage Buyout Strategy for the balance of the purchase price, Michael bought a Porsche Dealership. He and his ten investors now each drive their own new Porsche each year at virtually no cost. The dealership buys them new from the factory at wholesale and sells them a year later at their used retail value (still more than the dealer paid for them). Since the cars are classified as demo’s: there is no sales tax to pay; carrying cost such as interest, insurance, dealer plates, and maintenance are purchased in bulk at wholesale rates. Why wait? Enroll now.
Oh, the wonderful things you’ll be able to do with that knowledge!

Adaptations of this strategy have been used to buy Sea Ray Boat, Cessna Aircraft and Harley Motorcycle Dealerships, Travel Agencies, Night Clubs, a Golf Course, Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, and Industrial Parks all for little or no cash and no personal payments or risk.

Helen Permajou, started an apparel design and manufacturing company from scratch using our Virtual Sponge Cake Strategy. One day she was designing jean pants and jackets for her employer. The next day, with the flip of a switch, she was the designer for her own manufacturing company with its own label and line of jean pants and jackets where every element of purchasing, manufacturing, marketing, order fulfillment and administration are outsourced to established entities.

Her customers have no idea that her manufacturing company has no facilities or staff of its own. She has no capital investment, no employees to manage and no minimum overhead to cover. Yet, she has unlimited upside growth capacity through her outsource partners and a guaranteed profit on the sale every ever item in her apparel line.

Her plan is to build her label and brand through this method and once she has created a national demand for her products. Then her plan change to use one or more of our acquisition strategies to acquire businesses capable of providing the functions she now outsources. We look forward to working with her to accomplish this.
Owning a business is the ultimate wealth generator.  See below the scope of ways our Guardian Angel Wealth Mentorship group will stimulate business wealth for YOU!


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