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Tyler Garns – Ultimate Guide to Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

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There is a killer marketing funnel GB in progress:

Jermaine “Ultimate Marketer” Griggs| Automationclinic | Pinnacle Club

This guy is the real deal and his funnels are just ridiculously good PLUS he gives it to you step by step & how to do it rather than a load of theory on what you should do.

I joined his list at: and he practises what he preaches unlike a few other ‘marketing funnel experts’ I could mention.

I recommend signing up for his list twice with 2 different emails, one to click on the links in the emails as you get them and the other not to open at all. This will give you insight on how he responds to hyper-responsive leads and how he responds to non-responsive leads. An amazing swipe tip right there.

And it’s not just tailored for Infusionsoft, if you want to know how a funnel should REALLY be put together, then Pledge Now!

The book in this product though is tailored for Infusionsoft and written by an Infusionsoft ninja called Tyler Garns and the sales video is linked below, it’s quite short and worth a look.

Here’s the email sending to a short VSL:

Hey Mr Donkey Balls,

I just created this video for you:

It goes through some unknown, unpublished “secrets” in Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder.

Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder is where all of your marketing magic should occur.

However…building one powerful campaign successfully can feel like you need a Masters degree in logic.

There are lots of “hidden secrets” when using the Campaign Builder that can either badly damage your marketing efforts or unlock the most effective campaigns possible.

Go here to see how I’ve laid out all these hidden secrets for you.


P.S. Whether you’re an Infusionsoft expert or a newbie, there will be some things in this video that you probably didn’t know.  Check it out here.


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