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Udemy – Email Marketing Get 80,000+ TRAFFIC & Build Huge Email List

Udemy – Email Marketing Get 80,000+ TRAFFIC & Build Huge Email List
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Email Marketing: Get 80,000+ TRAFFIC & Build Huge Email List
Email Marketing: Attract Massive Subscribers, Turn List into Loyal Followers & Seduce Your Audience to Purchase From You

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About This Course
Published 6/2016 English
Course Description

Email marketing is considered the third overall most effective channel for lead generation for marketers in 2015, producing 17% of all leads.

Do you struggle finding and driving decent traffic to your squeeze page, opt in forms and offers?

Are you a beginner and struggles building an email list?

Do you want more email subscribers?

Do you already have enough traffic, but your website visitors are not converting into customers?

Are you jumping from one technique to another and just getting more confused and frustrated; not getting any traction?

Do you finally want to know how the expert and profitable internet marketers Attract Buyers?

Finally, there is one very real, very simple system for creating unstoppable streams of website traffic and making life changing income online. In fact, once you finish this course, your life will be changed for good.

Attract Ultra Targeted Traffic & Build a List of Buyers That Are Hungry to Buy Your Product

If you want to make money online… or make more money online… then I can tell you from firsthand experience, this course is designed for YOU.

*** Real Traffic = Real List = Real Money ***

And the beauty is that even if you have never gotten a single website visitor before… even if you don’t have a single subscriber before… I will teach you Step By Step how to build a list and Where to get traffic to promote your own or affiliate products.

Imagine waking up in the morning to your inbox full of sales?

Yes, this is THAT powerful.

Imagine flipping a switch and IMMEDIATELY unleashing tens of thousands of visitors to YOUR website – lets say 3-4% of your visitors are converted into subscribers if only 1% of those subscribers bought what you were selling. I’m no math wizard, but even with a low conversion rate like 1%… and even if you were only selling something for a low price of like $27… if you put 10,000 people on your site that would be $2700… A DAY!

Forget killing yourself for scraps of traffic and small earnings…

And start sending unstoppable floods of highly targeted, extremely interested (wallet in hand) traffic that is searching for what you’re selling…

And it’s so easy, you’ll kick yourself for not having started this sooner.

Forget What You’ve Been Taught, Open Yourself Up To REAL Traffic, And Watch Your Online Business Explode!

The old methods – all the ones you’ve been taught – forget about them.

They cost too much, require too much of your valuable time, and they rarely work. When they do work, the results are minimal at best.

Why spend your hard earned money and waste all your time fighting over scraps of traffic and tiny returns? When you can easily get ultra targeted traffic and convert it into loyal subscribers. This revolutionary list building system will change your life for good.

If you are willing to learn how the system works and that’s what I’m here to teach you. I’ll take you through the system Step-By-Step and show you exactly what you need to do, you’ll literally watch over my shoulder.

Once you learn how to build a Buyer List, you’ll start making huge money online.

Follow my plan and you’ll have the kind of business that brings Paying Customers to you month after month after month!

You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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What are the requirements?

   A Computer With An Internet Connection
   A Will to Learn

What am I going to get from this course?

   Discover How to build a List of Loyal Subscribers (Step By Step)
   Discover Where to Get Traffic of Hungry Buyers, That Are Willing to Buy Your Product/Service
   Discover How to Write an Email That Gets Highest Open Rates
   Discover How to Use Auto Responders For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

What is the target audience?

   Internet Marketers
   Affiliate Marketers
   Business Owners/Entrepreneurs
   Anyone Who Wants to Get More Traffic And Sales
   People Who Are Frustrated And Not Making As Much Money As They Wanted
   Anyone Who Wants More Traffic And Sales



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