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Udemy – How To Write Successfully For Huffington Post & Other Sites

How To Write Successfully For Huffington Post & Other Sites
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Udemy – How To Write Successfully For Huffington Post & Other Sites

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Blogging is by far one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website, to promote your goods and services, to define yourself as an expert in your field, create your brand, deepen your online presence, and develop a “following.”

By taking this course you will learn:

* The benefits of blogging

* The downside of blogging

* The proper blog format

* How to make the most of the format

* If 50% of readers are going to read your articles on their mobile phones is it better to include horizontal or vertical photos?

* What subjects you should write about

* Subjects you may want to avoid

* Search engine optimization by strategically using backlinks in your articles

* What you can and cannot include in articles. For example, embedded videos, photos, etc.

* How to carefully craft your niche

* How to determine the best tone for your article (very important!)

* Do positive or critical argues get more traction? (Depends on the websites on which they are posted.)

* All of the things you need to consider before you submit your articles

* How to submit your articles to the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and Good Men Project

* How to navigate your way through the websites’ software programs such as Backstage and WordPress

* When is the best time to submit your articles

* How to promote your articles once they are posted

* What you can expect from blogging (Is it realistic to expect to get a book deal from blogging?)

This course is comprehensive and will give you insider insights from the over 200 articles I have posted over the past 4 years, some of which have gone “viral” and been Tweeted to millions of people and shared on over 10,000 Facebook pages. If you are looking to expand your Internet presence then this course will set you on your way!

What are the requirements?

Be ready to take notes and analyze other peoples articles on the Internet.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 9 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
Be able to submit well-written articles to the Huffington Post and other top websites that define you as a leading expert in a field, grow your following, promote your goods and services, and contribute to ongoing dialogues in a meaningful way.

What is the target audience?

If you want to successfully write for the Huffington Post (200 million unique readers per month) and other top websites then you should take this course!


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