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Udemy – Pouya Eatemadi Rad, Alireza Etemadi – Become a God of Instagram Marketing Step by Step Proven Ways

Udemy – Become a God of Instagram Marketing Step by Step Proven Ways
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What Will I Learn?
   Build a professional & convincing Instagram page
   Create viral posts on instagram
   Make money from Instagram
   Receive the “Instagram Marketing Master” certificate
   Have more than 100 – 500 real targeted followers daily
   Create higher content quality
   crush competitors on Instagram
   Become God in Instagram marketing

   You need to have access to a smart phone and pc/laptop to be able to use all the tools we are learning during the course
   No experience required – just follow the steps to get results!


Become a God of Instagram Marketing Step by Step proven ways
   Over 34000 happy students from 163 countries enrolled in my courses
   Featured in “Entrepreneur” and “Business Insider” magazine
   Overall, 800+ TOP Reviews on all my courses

Learn and master Instagram marketing (powerful social media channel) using proven step-by-step strategies to attract followers, build your brand and convert your followers to paying customers.

In this Instagram Marketing course You will learn how to:
   How to build a professional & convincing instagram profile
   Know your potential followers to have a successful Instagram marketing
   Tools that help you to increase your content quality of your Instagram posts
   Schedule and pro caption
   Powerful and proven Instagram marketing strategies
   What is the best time to post according to your niche on Instagram
   Story marketing
   Live streaming
   Create network effect & cross promotion
   Buy and sell
   How to convert Instagram followers to paying customers
   Instagram ads & campaign
   How to create viral posts on Instagram
   How to convert Instagram followers to paying customers

During this Instagram marketing course we will learn and practice lots of powerful tools which makes marketing on Instagram easier. It creates a powerful source as social media marketing and help you to create a successful page and business on Instagram. More than 6 months research and experiment is used in this Instagram marketing course and there is no course more complete than this one anywhere. Hopefully by the end of the course you will have a successful Instagram page with daily 50-500 followers (depending on applying the strategies).

Instagram marketing as a popular social media is one of the essential channels in promoting our product these days, so if you want to learn Instagram marketing to improve your business, this is the exact course you are looking for to do social media marketing .

The last section of this course will teach you how to convert your Instagram followers from social media world into real life paying customers (we are using the same techniques in 2 of our companies with amazing results).

We also will learn how to create network effect which is critical in business and digital marketing, and how to create promotion and ads on Instagram.


There are 2 sections in this course which will specifically teach you how to create viral posts (instagram and images) on instagram, how videos get to couple of millions view and so on.


In addition to all of these we will have monthly updates on new features of Instagram, and provide great tips about social media marketing so this course will always be useful for you in your personal and business use.

The time is now to act and find your place in social media and build your business with Instagram marketing. Too many people miss on these powerful social media channels. If you are aiming for success, learning social media marketing special Instagram is essential.

If you really want to achieve everything said above join this course NOW! , become a social media marketer and take your business to the next level with Instagram marketing.

Who is the target audience?
   People who want to attract huge amount of real followers
   beginners and intermediates on Instagram
   Small businesses & entrepreneurs who want increase their sales via instagram
   People who want to start marketing agency or work as freelancer for others
   People who want to become an Instagram Marketing GOD

About the Instructors:

Pouya Eatemadi Rad – Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur, CEO
I’m Pouya Eti CEO of Nooblash LLC, author, business consultant, developer and designer with more than 32,000 students worldwide.

Education is the key to change and improve everything in this world and I hope I can be a part of that. Nothing worth more than investing on ourselves to learn something new everyday and soon our lives will change.

You can contact me through one of the channels linked here. If you have a question for me regarding self development, business, marketing and … , just let me know and I will be there for you.

Alireza Etemadi – Best-selling author +32,000 Student from 162 countries
Graphic Manager

ETG trading groupe Aug 2004 – Present
One of my responsibilities at the company, coordinating all promotions, design of catalog, business card, banner, advertising video, photography of meat productions, website, Animation … . Now Due to relocate, im Only Serve as, photographer and Advertising Consultant in this company.

Industrial Photography
personally May 2003 – Present
At this time (12 years), More than 58 companies have been working in the field of industrial photography. This cooperation in the fields, food photography, cars photography, animals photography, pictures of buildings, electronic products photography, wedding photography, photography of official celebrations, Home appliances Photography, …

ETG trading groupe Nov 2006 – May 2013
after one year for study course in meat production, i was selected Serve as Assistant Production  acquiring the necessary expertise i was selected Serve as Production Manager. at this time i Training the meat production management to many students, oder meat technologist, Director of industrial factories, ..


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