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Udemy: The Art of Meaning: Make Your Life Matter

The Art of Meaning Make Your Life Matter
[29 Videos (MP4) + 1 PDF + 5 MP3]

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The Art of Meaning: Make Your Life Matter
by Chris Paradox

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Learn the 3 uncommon skills that turn a “Near Life Experience” into a Meaningful Life Experience

Are you having a Near Life Experience?

Here’s a quick test to find out.

What is the one thing that you want more than anything else?

Don’t read on until you’ve thought of it.

Got it?


If your answer wasn’t “to give more”, you are having a Near Life Experience.

This is true because the Near Life Experience is the feeling that something’s missing. That there’s something you don’t have, that you need to have in order to be happy in your life.

The Near Life Experience is Unfulfillment.

A truly meaningful life experience is an experience so fulfilling, that you feel so overflowing with fullness and so insanely grateful to be alive, that all you want to do is give.

Sure, there are still things you want, but they run a distant second to how much you want to give.

I was having a Near Life Experience up until Jan 2001, when I turned 34 and first started practicing the Art (and believe me it is an Art) of meaningful living, which I call The Art of Meaning.

Based on 12 years of radical personal experimentation, practice, study, training & instruction, The Art of Meaning course is designed to teach you the 3 uncommon skills that you can use to put an end to the Near Life Experience and start really living.

In other words, start living the WOW! Now.

In this course you will learn to:

Notice that your incessant mental dialogue (or Program) is preventing you from experiencing the unbearable lightness of being (what the Mystic Poet Rumi calls “The Beloved”) which will amplify this ecstatic experience in your everyday life
Feel the Presence of the Genius State of Mind (what poets call “The Muse”) and consistently tap into this unending source of inspiration and creativity
Make Meaningful (what Neuroscientists call “Reframing”) the mundane, negative or even traumatic events of your life by exercising your fundamental human freedom.
By the end of the course you will be able to

Transform a Near Life Experience into a Meaningful Life Experience
Behave like a Master of Circumstance rather than a Victim of Circumstance i.e. create your experience of an event, ahead of that event, independent of luck or random chance
Reframe any past event in a way that reduces suffering and makes your life more meaningful
Make a unique & significant contribution to making the world a better place and experience the meaning and fulfillment which comes from that
Shift your anxious thought patterns into the Genius State of Mind so that it can “sweat the small stuff” for you, while you take a well deserved monkey-mind-vacation somewhere hot with great beaches and have a long tall cool glass of all the “wonderful, magical, meaningful, inspirational, love filled, true-to-yourself stuff” that you actually enjoy

The Art of Meaning is a Multidimensional Multimedia course consisting of over 10 hours of Instruction. There are 5 sections with a total of 35 Lectures

14 Video Lectures – containing Epic Tragicomic Poetic Tales/Case Studies of real world Art of Meaning Practice (where you learn from my mistakes)

8 Powerpoint Lectures – containing 4 Assignments & 14 simple practices to ground & integrate the 3 uncommon skills into your daily life (tried & tested on yours truly)

5 Audio Lectures – which elaborate the finer points of the Art and provide my 10 most powerful tips, tricks & tools for normalising & amplifying the unbearable lightness of being & the Genius State of Mind in your life (the ones that work like Gangbusters)

7 Quizzes – which will test the depth & clarity of your understanding of the Art (to make sure you’re paying attention)

1 Couse Guide Document Lecture – which will help you stay clear and focused on exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it and how often

1 2 hour Live Q&A/Coaching Session per month – Plus I’ll generally answer all your questions within 48 hrs

On Average each hour of Instruction should take 1-2 weeks to work through, so the course can be completed in as little as 10 weeks

Why would you take this course instead of one of the many excellent Lifestyle courses on Udemy?

The unbearable lightness of being & The Genius State of Mind

The unbearable lightness of being is the name I’ve given to the sublime ecstatic WoWness that all healthy babies express when they unaccountably and spontaneously fill-to-the-brim-bursting with the uncontrollable bliss of just being.

Obviously if all healthy babies experience the unbearable lightness of being, healthy adults can too, but just like most adults I had only experienced it very rarely. Until that is, my life completely fell apart and I ended up living under a tree in a park.

Of course then I started to experience it everyday.

Oh the irony!

Just like a newborn baby, I became visibly, viscerally aware of the miracle of being. For a moment I stopped taking for granted the miracle of my existence and was transported to paradise by the realisation that nothing is more amazing, more mysterious, more magical, more miraculous, more utterly WOW! than existence itself.

When you think about it, gratitude for existing must be the default state of being, of all beings! Life is the ultimate gift. Nothing beats being.

And so lying underneath all our experiences of “this isn’t enough/this isn’t good enough” is the basic background frequency of gratitude just for the ability to experience something as “not enough” or “not good enough”… in other words, underneath it all is what Rumi called The Beloved…and I call, the unbearable lightness of being.

Isn’t it funny that it often seems to takes “losing it all” to realise this default state of gratitude?

Well not anymore. Unlike me, you don’t have to lose it all…or have a Near Death Experience (I’m a bit slow on the uptake, so I needed both:wink:…to experience the mundane everyday yet singularly spectacular WOW!ness of the unbearable lightness of being.

You just have to do this course.

On Genius

People say that the word Genius is overused. I say it’s underused.

From the Art of Meaning perpsective Genius doesn’t belong only to a few rare people. Genius is something that a few rare people enjoy all the time and everyone else enjoys some of the time.

This is a different way to look at Genius.

It sees Genius not as a type of person, but as a State of Mind; a Level of Consciousness; a Field of Awareness; a Sublimely Ecstatic Frequency.

From this perspective anyone can feel the presence of the Genius State of Mind, as long as they know how to tune into it.

I lived under that tree in the park for 7 months between April & October 2002 and after the first 2 months I’d normalised my experience of the unbearable lightness of being and I began to feel the presence of the Genius State of Mind on a daily basis.

This expressed itself as performance poetry pouring out of me, for the first time ever at the age of 35…and up until then I didn’t consider my self to be a “creative” person and had never written a poem in my life!

For the last 11 years I’ve been both experimenting with and instructing other people in Noticing the unbearable lightness of being and being present to the Genius State of Mind and I’ve found that they are Universally accessible…everyone can experience them and anyone can use them…in fact 98% of 5 year olds exhibit the Genius State of Mind, until that is, our education system socialises it out of us!

I’ve worked with everyone from High School Students to House Wives, people with serious Brain Injuries to Yoga Teachers, Authors to Economists…and if they can get down with the unbearable lightness of being & Genius State of Mind, then you can too! And the way to “get down” with them is through the 3 uncommon skills.

The Art of Meaning course will teach you the dance steps.


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