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udemy – Trading for everyone – The Independent Investor Course

udemy – Trading for everyone – The Independent Investor Course
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Course Description

The Independent Investor Course is for anyone interested in Trading and Investing in financial markets using Technical Analysis as a primary tool for forecasting the markets.

If you…

Want to know where the Stock Market is heading ?! (how Apple or Microsoft stocks will perform in the future)
Want to know what will be the strongest currency next year?! (USD or EUR in FOREX)
Want to invest in GOLD or other commodities?!
Want to find out which is the next important level where DOW JONES will react?!
Than this course will give you the tools to find out your answers!

See how I make more than 10% profit in a week! LIVE trading records! Using correctly TrendChannels you may make an average of 50% profit per year!

In this course students will get familiarized with the basics of trading and by the end of the course they will be able to construct TrendChannels for any kind of financial instrument, finding in this way where the market is heading, and from where it is better to enter or exit the market for consistent profit.

Trend channels follow the market trend from both a price and time perspective. At the core of these channels are harmonic Gann angles and Elliott wave structures. But we will keep this course easy to understand and we will show you how to draw only those trendlines that have been confirmed by the market.

This course is very practical and visual oriented, with lots of examples and charts, easy to understand by anyone interested in this field. You can also discover some LIVE trading records.


you have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever;
all future additional lectures and bonuses in this course are always free;
full 30 day money-back guarantee;
support along the lectures for any question.
Take this course now and became an Indepedent Investor!

What are the requirements?

You should have a real interest in learning more technical analysis and trading the financial markets following the main trend!
You should understand charts and visual elements better than numbers!
Pay attention to every lecture, pause or repeat it when necessary. Do not skip lectures because everything is connected!


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