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Udemy – WordPress Web Design: Build $5000 Looking Website

Udemy – WordPress Web Design – Build $5000 Looking Website
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Course Description

Now You Can Build Your Own $5,000 Looking WordPress Website For Your Business

And the best part is:
•No Coding
•No Premium Theme & Plugin Purchases ( We Will Provide You a Premium Theme of Worth $77 )
•No Prior experience.
•Watch Us creating a Beautiful WordPress Website From Start to Finish.
•5+ hours of Step By Step Videos that will make it easy to follow along.

Running a Business is hard, and getting new customers can be your business’ life blood.

Let me show you how easy you can build an SEO Optimized WordPress website that looks like you spent thousands with a designer all by yourself with my step-by-step system!

If You Own A Business But Don’t Have $4000 to $5000 To Pay A Designer To Build Your Website Today Is Your Lucky Day…

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses that would make more sales and money if they had a website, but they just do not have the expense of an amazing website in their budget.

Any Business that does not have a great looking website is losing customers and more importantly, they are losing money.

How many times have you picked up the phone book when you need to hire a painting contractor, when you need to book an appointment for a hair cut, or when you need to find a new dentist? No need to answer, I can tell you… about 85% less often than you search for what you need on the Internet!

We have designed this course in a simple step-by-step fashion so anyone will be able to build their own website with no previous experience.

Click the Order Button NOW And Grow Your Audience, Book More Appointments & Boost Sales In Your Business Easily With An Amazing WordPress Website.

Full details

What are the requirements?
•A PC With An Internet Connection
•A Will to Learn
•The course starts from basics, hence no technical skills required, You will learn everything from the scratch to build an eye catching website
•No prior knowledge of WordPress is required as everything will be covered in this course

What am I going to get from this course?
•Over 52 lectures and 5 hours of content!
•Build a WordPress website
•Understand the main features of WordPress
•Know how to configure WordPress for best results
•Understand plugins & themes and how to find/install them
•Create a Responsive Website that looks good on any browser
•We have designed this course in a simple step-by-step fashion so anyone will be able to build their own website with no previous experience. With our system you will be able to build your own $5000 looking website by yourself after watching the training videos. If you can check email, you can totally do this.
•The video training will teach you step-by-step how to build a very professional looking website for your Business. Websites of this quality can easily be sold for between $4000 and $5000 to businesses in your local area. That said if you are looking for a new way to earn income online this is a very good way to do just that.
•100% Money back Guarantee
•Lifetime Access! No Limits

What is the target audience?
•Business Owners
•Anyone who wants to build a beautiful and professional website


Section 1: Introduction

  Lecture 1  
Course Overview: What You Will Learn in This Course
Preview    04:50  

  Lecture 2  
Get Your Bonus Of PREMIUM Theme (Worth $77)

  Lecture 3  
How To Win a PREMIUM PRODUCT Every Month (Worth $27-$197)
Section 2: Module# 1

  Lecture 4  

Introduction to Module 1: What You Will Learn in This Module
Preview    01:31  
  Lecture 5  

Website Terminology
  Lecture 6  

How to Set Up Your Domain & Hosting Account
  Lecture 7  

How to Install WordPress in Under 2 Minutes
  Lecture 8  

How to Download WordPress The Right Way
Preview    02:54  
  Lecture 9  

How to Upload WordPress to Your Hosting Account
  Lecture 10  

How to Create a MYSQL Data Base
  Lecture 11  

How to Install The WordPress And Connect The Data Base
  Lecture 12  

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress

Section 3: Module# 2

  Lecture 13  

Introduction to Module 2: What You Will Learn in This Module
Preview    01:09  
  Lecture 14  

The WordPress Interface
  Lecture 15  

Dashboard And Title
  Lecture 16  

Creating Your 1st Post
  Lecture 17  

Everything You Need to Know About Website Catagories & Post Grouping
  Lecture 18  

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Tags
  Lecture 19  

How to Insert Images in The Posts & Pages
  Lecture 20  

Everything You Need to Know About Widgets
  Lecture 21  

All About WordPress Themes to Create An Amazing Looking Website
  Lecture 22  

WordPress Plugins
  Lecture 23  

SEO And Permalinks
  Lecture 24  

My Recommendation For Installing SEO Plugins
  Lecture 25  

How to Make Your Website SEO Optimized to Rank on The First Page in Google
  Lecture 26  

How to Use “YOAST” SEO Plugin Like a Pro to Make Your Posts SEO Optimized

Section 4: Module# 3

  Lecture 27  

Inroduction to Module 3: What You Will Learn in This Module
Preview    00:42  
  Lecture 28  

Using The World’s #1 WordPress Theme to Create An Amazing Website
  Lecture 29  

Installing Our PREMIUM Theme
  Lecture 30  

How to Import Sample Theme Data
  Lecture 31  

How to Make Changes in The Theme
  Lecture 32  

Changing The Logo
  Lecture 33  

How to Modify The Theme Which Best Fits Our Needs
  Lecture 34  

Theme Customization
  Lecture 35  

How to Customize Your Pages
  Lecture 36  

Setting Up Your About Me Page in Your WordPress Site
  Lecture 37  

How to Make Your Home Page to Appear Fresh And Relevant to Your Site
  Lecture 38  

How to Use Tagline to Drive Traffic to Any Where You Want On Or Off Your Site
  Lecture 39  

Fusion Builder: Building And Editing New Page Layouts
  Lecture 40  

Fusion Builder Layouts

Section 5: Module# 4

  Lecture 41  

Inroduction to Module 4: What You Will Learn in This Module
Preview    01:00  
  Lecture 42  

How to Clean Up Some Of The Imported Data
  Lecture 43  

How to Change Your Website Layout
  Lecture 44  

Slider Modification
  Lecture 45  

Slider Text Modification And Some Other Complex Modifications
  Lecture 46  

How to Create Some Cool Effects With Slider Timing
  Lecture 47  

Slider Animation
  Lecture 48  

How to Change Slider Background And Color
  Lecture 49  

Adding Video into Your Slider
  Lecture 50  

How to Change Featured Images on Your Website
  Lecture 51  

Introduction to WooCommerce: Why You Would Want to Use it to Sell Your Products
  Lecture 52  

Final Words
Preview    01:16  


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