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uGurus, Brent Weaver – UAcademy: Closing $10k/m+ Projects Pre-launch Material

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Winleet wrote:

I found it very helpful. It gives you a concept of a sales process which you need in order to sell more than 4 figures of products (e.g. the difference between a 3k website project and a 20k website project is this sales process, because you learn what the person really needs and you can upsell a lot more valuable stuff).

It can be adapted to other things too. You can use it as an example to base your process off of, especially if you’re doing anything web related like SEO, CRO, etc. (which I’m doing).

In adapting the model for CRO, I found Frank Kerns Magic Model Big Ass Problem exercise helpful in substituting the questions the course gives you.

The video recording is top notch, high quality.

MasterSales recommended this too in the Selling mastermind thread.

Very helpful product if you’re doing any sales.

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