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Vena Jones Cox – Wholesaling Real Estate

Vena Jones Cox – Wholesaling PDFs
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***Huge thanks to mrimage for scanning the files***

Real Estate Goddess Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate
by Vena Jones-Cox

This product contains the PDFs that will complete
the Vena Jones Cox Wholesaling Course located here:

These PDFs were missing from the audio part of the
course because I had to get them scanned.

There are two PDFs here:

1. Buy Low, Sell Low – this PDF is the main one that
is the text that goes along with the audio and is the
main part of the home study course.

2. Beyond The Motivated Seller – this is a supplemental
manual that shows you other ways to find properties.

Many of you have downloaded the audios and you know
that they are well worth it.  These PDFs are a must have!!!



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