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Vincent Dignan – How to become Rich & Internet Famous

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These are the Presentation Slides from the YouTube video “How to get rich and internet famous – A practical guide to hacking your sales and personal branding” found here

Description, taken from the Youtube:

There’s a lot of terrible information in the social media/online marketing/growth marketing space.

London-based Vincent Dignan returns to Capital FactoryThis talk intends to deliver, in real-time, real value to attendants; including how to quickly grow a community online, form a substantial pre-launch strategy, how to ensure your emails and tweets get seen/answered, creating easy workflows, content marketing and user/customer acquisition.

Attendants will leave with many practical methods that will be useful in executing a growth strategy (free) applicable to many industries, actionable immediately. This session will uncover the tips and tricks the big startups have used, as well as secret hacks Vincent has used with clients he has worked with at his agency, Magnific.

What you’ll learn:

How anyone can grow a personal brand, including step-by-step guides and email templates
The tricks and secrets other social media marketers don’t want you to know
Sales (and selling yourself) is the key to getting ahead in a very competitive market. You’ll learn:

1. How to focus on channels which will bring sales
2. How to get answers from experts for virtually any questions
3. How to build your personal online assets which can take with you from job to job/each startup project – including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
4. Hiring hacks
5. A walkthrough of every area of sales you can follow – including how to use different channels of social media/email to bring traffic/leads.

About the Speaker:

London-based Vincent Dignan helps grow early-stage companies through a combination of rapid social media growth, guerrilla community management tactics, and growth hacks which have seen companies go from zero to thousands of signups/followers/users virtually overnight.] He is talking in support of the launch of his first book “The Growth Hacking Playbook”, which teaches entrepreneurs how to execute growth strategies on channels like Kickstarter, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as step-by-step guides to building a large email list. You can buy his book at

He founded & They have received nearly 20 million pageviews, while content he has overseen for other clients has received over 150 million page views so far.

​H​is company, Magnific, beat 1500+ other startups to be accepted into prestigious accelerator Techstars London. ​He w​as asked by The Duke Of York to help his companies at [email protected] 4.0 and boost social media on the night of the event at St. James’s Palace with The Duchess of York. He has been interviewed in Inc, New Statesman, ​TechCrunch, and ​The London Economist​, and has written for the likes of Huffington Post and Tech City News.​ He put on, a one-day conference to help London startup entrepreneurs boost their companies. It attracted 600+ attendees throughout the day and night event.

About Capital Factory

Capital Factory is the entrepreneurial center of gravity in Austin, Texas. Located in the middle of downtown, Capital Factory has 50,000 square feet full of startups and entrepreneurs. Take classes to learn the skills that startups need, attend meet ups to find a co-founder, rent a desk for your startup or apply for funding and mentorship in the Incubator.


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