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Vinturella & Erickson – Raising Entrepreneurial Capital 2013

Vinturella & Erickson – Raising Entrepreneurial Capital 2013
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Raising Entrepreneurial Capital, 2nd Edition…

xplaining the stages of financing that an entrepreneur goes through in establishing a business, this book guides the reader through the information needed to successfully raise capital. Raising Entrepreneurial Capital begins where entrepreneurship books leave off, assuming that the reader understands simple financial statements, has selected a specific business, and knows how to write a business plan. It provides a broad, high-level summary of the subjects that people typically research, such as “How should your company position itself to attract private equity investment?” and “What steps can you take to improve your company’s marketability?”

Much has changed since the first edition was published, and the second edition places effects of the global recession in the context of entrepreneurship, including debt vs. equity decision, the options available to smaller businesses, and the considerations that lead to rapid growth, including venture capital, IPOs, angels, incubators. Unlike other books of the genre, Raising Entrepreneurial Capital includes several chapters on worldwide regional variations on forms and availability of pre-seed capital, incubators, and the business plans they create, with case studies from Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim.

Published: January 2013   (360 Pages)
By: John Vinturella, Business Consultant, Cincinnati, OH, USA
     Suzanne Erickson, Brenau University, Gainesville, GA, USA

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Alternatives in Venture Financing-Debt Capital
Chapter 3 Alternatives in Venture Financing-Early Stage Equity Capital
Chapter 4 Determining the Amount Needed-The Business Plan
Chapter 5 Valuation-Survey of Methods
Chapter 6 Venture Capital
Chapter 7 Exit Strategies
Chapter 8 Anatomy of a Venture Funding
Chapter 9 Franchising
Chapter 10 Internal Financial Management
Chapter 11 Essentials of Risk Management
Chapter 12 Opportunities to Do Business and Raise Capital Globally


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