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Wall Street Oasis – Private Equity Interview Prep Course 3rd Edition – 2018

Wall Street Oasis – Private Equity Guide 2018
[2 eBooks (PDF) + 9 Models (XLS)]

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Wall Street Oasis – Private Equity Interview Prep Course 3rd Edition – 2018 [2 eBooks (PDF) + 9 Models (XLS)]
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Notes by Selknam
The WSO Private Equity Interview Prep is a great material for those who are looking to land a job in an established private equity. This guide contains lots of intel about the PE industry, recruiting process, interview process and technical knowledge. I truly recommend this to everyone who is seeking a job in this area.

My only note would be that, if you come from a non-financial background, I would suggest taking another course in financial modeling first and then proceed to study these LBO models.

Please also note that this product was supposed to be read together with the WSO Video Database. This database is available here at BizIgniter.

Product description
The WSO Private Equity Interview Prep Course 2.0 takes you way beyond anything else. While others claim to give you everything you need, the truth is they only cover a handful of the most common questions and have basic LBO modeling tests. Even worse, they’re usually written by one guy who’s been out of private equity for years…

Hardly what we’d call “comprehensive”…

And there’s an even BIGGER problem with this approach:

It’s totally outdated.

Private equity is constantly changing. What worked even last year is no longer effective. Your interviewers are smart… and they’re constantly changing their questions and tactics for one reason: to put you under stress and see what you’re made of.

That’s why the WSO course is crowdsourced from thousands of currently practicing private equity professionals… people who live and breathe this industry – day in and day out… who can tell you what’s changing firsthand… and will keep you up-to-date on everything you need to ace the interview process and land that.
Product Content
Knowing the recruiting tactics as well as acing the technical and fit questions in the PE interview process are all a critical part of giving yourself the best odds… You WILL be quizzed on these questions – and your interviewers expect detailed and accurate responses. This 200+ page PDF is easily the most comprehensive guide on the market… We’ve got every base covered, so you’ll be prepared no matter what your interviewers throw at you.

Technical and fit questions are only half the equation… Most candidates ignore the crucial LBO Modeling tests that help your interviewers answer one critical question: “Do you have the modeling chops to cut it?” But… this isn’t something can you fake. You have to demonstrate it – by not just getting the right IRR and MOIC on the test, but making your model shine and doing it fast. The only way to make sure you pull this off is to have realistic practice. These 9 LBO Modeling Tests will help you master this challenging part of your private equity interviews.

Want to get the job? First you have to get in the door. But without a great network, nobody will know who you are. Even if your resume is great, it will end up lost in the pile of wannabe’s, and your chances of landing even an informational interview will be almost zero. In this 71-page guide, we’ll reveal everything we know about the fine art of networking… so you can meet the people who can get you what you want most: the job.
General Information
This product contains:
– Private Equity Interview Guide 2018 (3rd Edition)
– Networking on Wall Street 2017 (7th Edition)
– 9 LBO models in XLS, varying according to its difficulty
The password for LBO models is “WSO-Copyright”

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