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Williamson Barnhart – Practical Salesmanship

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Williamson Barnhart – Practical Salesmanship


   “Bill Barnhart – At Your Service,” known also as Williamson L. Barnhart by his intimates, did more to spread the gospel pf creative salesmanship than any other man I know. When he was taken from us, it was in the midst of activity, at the height of his powers, just as he had put the final touches on this book.

   In this volume you have in your hands the essense of the experience of hundreds of successful creators of business – creative salesman. Bill had no patience with so-called high pressure salesmen. He knew the difference between dominating a situation by the use of facts, logic, enthusiasm, and attempting to dominate an individual by the use of bunk. He knew that to be successful a salesman must grow, and that to G-R-O-W a salesman must Go Right On Working!

   If you are lazy, indifferent, careless, or have an acute belief of intellectuality, even this book won’t help you! On the other hand, if you are industrious, earnest, careful, and have proper respect for the other fellow’s ideas and experience, then this volume will quickly prove its value.

September 20, 1929

Part I – The Salesman’s Stock-in-Trade
Part II – The Sure Fire Formula of Sales Success
Part III – Steps in the Master Salesman’s Sale
Part IV – Answering Excuses and objections
Part V – Some Other Factors in Sales Success


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