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Wolves Workshops – The Content Creator Workshop

WOLVES – The Content Creator Workshop
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WOLVES – The Content Creator Workshop

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This workshop is taught by Adam Horwitz from WOLVES, who’s currently close to reaching quarter of a million subscribers on both Youtube and Instagram. The content which he creates on his channel is top notch but where he really excels is in the networking department. He kickstarted the channel of his ex-girlfriend Inna Mol who now has over a million subscribers on Youtube. He’s leveraged his own Youtube channel numerous times to party in Ibiza for free two summers in a row, all expenses covered. Then he said to his best friend at the time “We should go to Saint Tropez!”. Fast forward a few days later and both of them found themselves in a billionaire’s mansion by linking up with his son, the infamous “Spoiled Billionaire’s Son”. Having tasted the lavish life, his best friend ran off into the sunset with the billionaire’s son:

Adam went on to do brand deals with brands such as Land Rover, Canon and Guess as well as A-list content creators like Jay Alvarrez. He’s been living a rockstar lifestyle on a budget and getting his checks cut by large corporations. Just recently, he’s announced his Content Creator Workshop where he spills his secrets on how to travel for free, get brand deals left, right and center and finesse your way into DMs of people and companies you want to work with. Horwitz will also share his exact email templates which he used to get free hotel stays, wine and dine at the finest restaurants and have the best experiences in some of the hottest destinations worldwide for free.

One of the other teachers in the course is Brendon Hayward who’s shot videos for the likes of Post Malone and is sharing some of his tips and tricks to create cinematic videos for Instagram and Youtube.


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