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WSO – Andrew Hansen – Article Speed Writing

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My first upload here . Please be easy on me :weep:. I bought this as a WSO last month, I think it’s pretty the same thing that Andrew is selling now. This product is on the recommended section of Warrior Forum.

Here’s some part of the sales letter:

“How A Secret Formula I Learned From My High School English Teacher Lets Me Churn Out Informative, Unique, Flowing Articles on **ANY** Topic or Keyword, So Fast It Would Make Your Head Spin!”

“And How You Can Use This New Formula To Quickly And Easily Drive Swarms Of New Visitors To YOUR Website!”

From: Andrew Hansen
Gold Coast, Australia
Wednesday 1st November

Subject: Unique Content FAST!

Dear Online Business Owner,

How often do you have to “write stuff” for your websites?

By “Stuff” I mean content for your sites, articles to submit and promote your sites, small reports, ebooks…

For most of us, there is usually alot of WRITING to be done!

Next Question:

How long does it take you to write one article?

How long does it take you to write one page of content?

How long does it take you to write a small report?

Regardless of what the specific amount of time is, the answer for most of us is TOO LONG!

Writing is a tough skill to master, and when you are trying to write not only to get out the ideas in your head but to fit a certain “keyword density”, in a fixed number of words, alot of times on a niche subject that YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT… It can very quickly become a complete nightmare!

Even aside from the hassle, the more important issue is TIME…

As a Web Business Owner TIME Is Your Most Valuable Asset…”

You know this is true right?

Most times you stay up until all hours of the morning and you STILL can’t finish all the things you need to get done!

While some people enjoy writing and it comes second nature to them, most people can think of 50 things they’d rather do than write articles or content…

Not only that but whatever kinds of sites you have, there are usually 50 things you COULD do that would ultimately make you MORE MONEY for the time invested than slaving away in front of Microsoft Word banging your fists on the keyboard …

Trouble is though that as much as we’d like to avoid it…

“Article Marketing Is At The Foundation Of ANY Good Traffic Generation Strategy”

Article Marketing is the single most effective strategy for driving traffic to ANY website…

Nothing can replace the benefits of unique content for your site and nothing can replace the effect of broad and continual article submissions…

Article submissions not only boost your Search Engine rankings but the traffic you can drive to your site JUST from getting exposure from your articles can be enough ON ITS OWN for you to make a solid income from ANY site…

And everybody knows this! That’s why they try to take the easy way out…

   – They buy PLR articles and rewrite them…

   – They use “Article Spinners” to get unique (but often crappy quality) content…

   – They just use other people’s articles…

And don’t get me wrong, these methods can work, but no one will argue that none of them come close to the traffic driving, ranking boosting power of having TRULY UNIQUE CONTENT…

“What If I Told You That I Can Show You How To Write a High Quality, 100% Unique, Flowing, Informative, 400-600 Word Article, On ANY Keyword, In Under 30 Minutes, INCLUDING RESEARCH…”


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