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WSO – Jason Fladlien – How to Create a $47-$97 Info Product in 2 days

WSO – How to Create a $47-$97 Info Product in 2 days
[3 eBooks (PDF)]

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In this report, you’ll discover…

A technique that can be learned in 3 seconds that will guarantee you never stare at a blank page again when writing…

My “information internalization” method that allows me to present the ideas in this report directly to your subconscious, so you’ll already have mastered 90% of the techniques and strategies in this report the first time you read it (shortening your learning curve dramatically)

How to never pause for more than 30 seconds when writing a report or creating a product

The Page 44 Secret – You could literally skip to this page, fill in the blanks and be creating products that you can sell in under 2 hours time (good for a quick “cash injection”)

How to tap into your reader’s “code of action” and use it to increase their lifetime customer value… (something few internet marketers do, and almost none teach…)


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