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WSO – Jimmy D Brown -145 Productivity Secrets

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Fellow Warrior,

If you’d like to get more done in less time, then you’ll find this WSO to be of major interest to you.

Here’s what it’s all about…

Just recently, I had the opportunity to interview the legendary Jimmy D. Brown, a man who’s been operating successfully online since the year 2000.

Jim Edwards calls him “Mr. Online Efficiency”

In fact, here’s what John Reese had to say about him:


The top guy in the industry is without-a-doubt Jimmy D. Brown.

Many of the names mentioned as email marketing “gurus” borrowed tactics and strategies from Jimmy D. Brown. I, myself, have made a ton of money because of what I learned from Jimmy.

The guy is a genius. Plain and simple.

Not to mention he’s also one of the nicest human beings you’ll encounter in your entire life.

-John Reese,

Jimmy D. Brown has over 75 successful REAL online businesses (not just domains!).

Do you think this guy could teach you a thing or two about getting more results in less time online? You bet!

What You’ll Discover

In The Productivity Secrets of Jimmy D. Brown you will discover:

The 6 Fundamental Activities that you must do EVERY DAY to get results in your Internet business. Miss any of these and your results will plummet

The ONE Productivity Strategy that Jimmy D. Brown recommends above all others (and no, it’s not outsourcing!).

This one insider secret is the reason why Jimmy’s been successful online consistently since the year 2000. Once you learn this gem, you’ll not need to chase after the latest SEO, PPC or any other fad

Warning: There are 3 Online Bad Habits that Jimmy D. Brown recommends you minimize right now – otherwise your online business will suffer. Minimize these three activities and your results in your Internet business will skyrocket

How to Overcome Perfection but still release high quality products. Is the need to be perfect holding you back from releasing your money-making ideas? If so, you’ll find an alternative strategy that allows you to release high quality products in less time

How to apply the 80/20 Rule in your Internet business. All highly productive Internet Marketers know and apply this productivity power tool in their business. Discover an unsual application of the 80/20 Rule that Jimmy recommends

Plus many, many more tips to help you to spend less time at your computer and get more results in your Internet business

Here’s What Some Fellow Warriors Are Saying About This WSO Product:

quote :
Originally posted by Jit Uppal
Hey Shaun,

I just wanted to let you know that I read your interview with Jimmy D. Brown today and I was really impressed!

You asked some really great questions and Jimmy D. Brown shared a ton of valuable advice. Thanks for putting this together for us and for offering it at such a great price! This is definitely one of the best interviews I have read and an incredible value.

quote :
Originally posted by carolina3


I’m a big fan of Jimmy Brown and loved this wso! There were so many gems and pieces of “actionable” advice. I’ve got a page of notes and am motivated to get going! Thanks for such a great product.

quote :
Originally posted by Adam Fletcher
Hi Shaun,

I really can’t believe that this WSO hasn’t gone crazy! I bought
this WSO yesterday as soon as I spotted it because Jimmy is a guy I
respect highly as a marketer and increasing my productivity is
something I’m always looking to do.

I have listened to the audio and read half of the PDF and I must
say that the information shared is rock solid. Great WSO!

quote :
Originally posted by Jenn Dize
“I struggle a lot with getting distracted with new opportunities and offers. It seems like there is a new product launch coming out every day. It’s hard because I’ll have a plan I think could really work, but then something more enticing comes along. This interview with Jimmy has definitely opened my eyes on how to avoid that and many other productivity problems. This is possibly the clearest and most helpful report I’ve ever read in my Internet Marketing career.
I’ve already reviewed this but I just wanted to add that this is a phenomenal deal. If you spend money chasing after this, that, and the other offer this is the product for you. Actually, I think every single person on this forum can benefit from what’s contained here. It’s amazing and I can’t recommend it enough!”

Jenn Dize

quote :
Originally posted by Brian McElroy

Hey Shaun,

Great job with this!

I enjoyed the extra bonus, EXTREMELY high quality!
Warm regards,

Here’s What You’ll Get

In The Productivity Secrets of Jimmy D. Brown you’ll receive:

Over 6,600 Word PDF Report of the entire interview with Jimmy D. Brown where he reveals his shortcuts to getting things done in less time. Oh, and this is normal spacing, 12-point font and full to the brim with productivity-boosting tips and strategies.

39-minute Studio-Quality Audio of the entire interview with Jimmy’s insights read by a professional voiceover at broadcast quality.

Note: Jimmy doesn’t give audio interviews anymore – so the interview was conducted via a Private Message Board. As the answers from Jimmy were written (rather than spoken) they are very easy to read and sound great too.

I am new here so tips, tricks and traffic are always appreciated


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