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WSO – Neil Ramos – Make Cash with AdSense & Anime site

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So, what exactly will I learn from your report?

1. How to choose an Anime series for your site

2. How to determine if an Anime series is popular

3. How to determine if there’s any competition, and if it’s worth competing.

4. How to choose a domain for your Anime site

5. How to create your site step-by-step and optimize it for the search engines.

6. How to make your site more fun and enjoyable, and encourage returning visitors

7. How to find episodes to add to your site, and where to find them

8. How to add these episodes to your site

9. I’ll also show you the exact same steps I took to drive over 3,500 daily targeted visitors to my site for free! The great thing about these steps is that you can use them over and over again to drive consistent traffic to your site!

10. How to monetize your Anime site with Adsense, including best ad placements. You’ll also learn of other ways to monetize your Anime site.


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