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“X” – Adwords Blackbook

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Internet Marketing Newcomer, Chris Parker of Australia – “Just a couple of days after I bought the Black Book, I used three of the techniques ‘X’ teaches to make a quick $1200 on the launch of Keyword Elite (and only spent $200 to make it).

I couldn’t believe how effective the strategies were. I’ve only been into Internet Marketing for six months – I’d never made more than $100 in a day before this.

What I really love is how the book makes it so clear what mindset you need to be in to play this ‘game’. Half the secret is having the mental edge – wanting to be that raging bull that charges down your competitors”.


Allen Says, Owner, The Warrior Forum – “This is a radical book and won’t be for everyone. While some of the techniques are things I wouldn’t personally use I did get two fantastic ideas from the book I will be using heavily from now on. It definitely made a few ideas I had been pondering “come together” so to speak.”


Daniel Turner Co-Founder of – “Blown away, seriously blown away mate.

I work with my team of ‘insultants’ as you so eloquently put it, and having been in the game for a while, I knew bugger all of the information you outlined in this book. But one thing I do know now, you’ve just helped line the pockets of my clients and I with extra profit. :-)

Had I known this information beforehand there wouldn’t be a way in hell you’d be able to pry it out of me, and for you to be giving it away for what you are, you’ve got to be… well… crazy!

Just do me a favor and limit the number of people who can get this?”


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