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Yanan Ma Bledsoe – The Best of Charlie Munger

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The Best of Charlie Munger: 1994-2011. A collection of speeches, essays, and Wesco annual meeting notes. Compiled by Yanan Ma Bledsoe.

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2002 Tilson’s column: “Munger on Human Misjudgments” Page 5
1994 Munger on “The Psychology of Human Misjudgment” Page 9
1995 Munger’s speech at USC: “A Lesson on Elementary, Worldly Wisdom as it Relates to Investment Management and Business” Page 36
1998 Munger on “Investment Practices of Leading Charitable Foundations” Page 72
1999 Munger’s “Master’s Class” on Foundation Investing Page 77
2000 Munger’s speech to the Philanthropy Round Table Page 83
2001 Munger on “The Great Financial Scandal of 2003” Page 88
2004 Tilson’s column, “Munger Goes Mental”, on Munger’s Speech at UC Santa Barbara Page 96
2003 Munger’s speech at UC Santa Barbara: “Academic Economics: Strengths and Faults After Considering Interdisciplinary Needs” Page 100
2009 Munger on “Sacrificing To Restore Market Confidence” Page 125
2011 Munger’s “A Parody about the Great Recession” Page 127
1999 Wesco meeting notes Page 133
2000 Wesco meeting notes Page 138
2001 Tilson’s column: “Charlie Munger Holds Court” Page 146
2001 Wesco meeting notes Page 149
2002 Tilson’s column: “The Best of Charlie Munger” Page 159
2002 Wesco meeting notes Page 163
2003 Tilson’s column: “Charlie Munger’s Worldly Wisdom” Page 173
2003 Wesco meeting notes Page 177
2004 Wesco meeting notes Page 193
2005 Wesco meeting notes Page 216
2006 Wesco meeting notes Page 246
2007 Wesco meeting notes Page 274
2008 Wesco meeting notes Page 296
2009 Wesco meeting notes Page 311
2010 Wesco meeting notes Page 322
2011 Wesco meeting notes Page 334


Dear fellow BRK shareholders,

I am a faithful BRK shareholder living within reasonable driving distance to Omaha. I usually drive up early morning of the BRK annual meeting, attend the meeting until 5pm, and drive back home the same day, just to save a few pennies. But I’ve been too cheap to pay for airfare and hotel rooms to attended Charlie Munger’s Wesco annual meetings in Pasadena.

When I heard that July 2011 would be the last meeting with Mr. Munger, I felt real regret for never attending one in the past and was desperately searching for Wesco meeting notes. When I contacted Mr. Whitney Tilson, he kindly emailed me not only his articles and notes from the many Wesco annual meetings he’d attended, but also many other relevant materials from his archives, dating back to 1994. At his suggestion, I have compiled them, along with some of the materials I’ve collected over time, into one file that he can circulate to the BRK faithful and put on his website. I’m happy to do this as a way to give back to the value investing community.

I have set up a bookmarks system in the pdf file to ease your navigation, which you can access by clicking View, Navigation Panels, Bookmarks.

If you have Wesco meeting notes prior to 1999 or any other materials that you think I should include, please email me and I will revise my compilation.


Yanan Ma Bledsoe


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