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Yanik Silver – Evolved Enterprise

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Yanik Silver – Evolved Enterprise

Evolved Enterprise is an illustrated journey for 21st century entrepreneurs ready to explore how greater purpose, joy and meaningful impact create fierce brand loyalty, marketplace leadership and deliver exceptional profits.

What If:
* You could catalyze a community of raving fans who eagerly wanted to spread and share your brand?
* You could empower your team around a greater mission?
* You could deliver a true impact (not just ‘giving back’) that built a legitimate competitive advantage?

Inside Evolved Enterprise, readers will discover the major shift happening in our economy that’s radically changing the criteria for business and economic success in the 21st century…You’ll see how today’s top companies are creating and recreating their businesses from the ‘inside out’ to create more impact, more meaning, and more happiness for everyone involved.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how you too can re-design and re-invent what you’re doing to fall back in love with your business. Or simply start it right the first time building a company designed for greater profits with ‘baked-in’ impact. This is how to align the true “soul” of your business with more impact, meaning and happiness – that surprisingly delivers even greater profits.

Hardcover: 225 pages
Publisher: Ideapress Publishing (2015)

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