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Yanik Silver – Instant Sales Letters

Yanik Silver – Instant Sales Letters
[eBooks (PDF) + Templates (MHT/TXT/WRI) + Spreadsheet (XLS)]

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This is going to be a bit hard to describe mainly because it is delivered in a strange sort of way.  These are sales letter templates from Yanik Silver.  They were not downloadable so they were captured in .mht format – open them in Internet Explorer to view.  Also bundled with this package is 667 Business Letters, Forms and Agreements.  They are in both .txt and .wri format.  I will post the listing of them after this description is complete.  Also included with purchase are the following ebooks:

Surefire Sales Letter Secrets
Ultimate Sales Letter Tool Box
How To Write Letters That Win

Finally, a direct mail profit worksheet is included.  It comes as an .xls spreadsheet with a duplicate copy in .pdf

Here is the index of the Business Letters, Forms and Agreements:

Abamtrdn.txt  Certificate of Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name
Accestpo.txt  Purchase Order Issued on Acceptance
Accountr.txt  Acceptance of Counter Proposal
Accpordr.txt  Acceptance of Order with Delivery in Lots
Accretde.txt  Late Return Authorization
Accretgd.txt  Return Authorization
Accterms.txt  Collateral Decision, Request for Loan Preparation
Accterr.txt  Initial Notice of Balance Discrepancy
Acctterm.txt  New Open Account Welcome & Terms Letter
Ackdocs.txt  Acknowledgment of Receipt (Documents)
Acklettr.txt  Acknowledgment of Letter
Acknordr.txt  Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Order
Acptdamg.txt  Notice to Elect to Accept Damaged Goods
Acresign.txt  Acceptance of Resignation
Advcusde.txt  Unexpected Delay in Shipment
Afgenerl.txt  General Affidavit
Afnolein.txt  Affidavit of No Lien
Afstkcer.txt  Affidavit for Stolen Stock Certificate
Agrecomp.txt  Agreement to Compromise Debt
Agreextd.txt  Agreement to Extend Debt Payment
Anncaddr.txt  Announcement of Change of Address
Anncdec.txt  Announcement of Catalog Price Reductions
Annchng.txt  Announcement of Free Delivery Limitations Change
Anncincr.txt  Announcement of Price Increase
Anncleav.txt  Announcement of Partnership Buyout
Anncname.txt  Announcement of Business Name Change
Anncpoli.txt  Announcement of New Pricing Policy
Apolbdck.txt  Apology to Receiver of Nsf Check
Apolbla2.txt  Apology & Proposal on Overshipped Merchandise
Apoldely.txt  Apology for Unexpected Delay in Shipment
Apolerr.txt  Apology to Customer for Accounting Error
Apolerrs.txt  Apology for Accounting Errors and past Due Notices
Apolexpo.txt  Apology for Overshippment
Apollate.txt  Apology for Delay of Refund
Apolmisu.txt  Apology after Cancellation of Order
Apolpay1.txt  Apology for Not Crediting Payment from Prompt Payer
Apolpay2.txt  Apology for Not Crediting Payment
Apolreq.txt  Policy Explanation and Denial of Request
Apolserv.txt  Apology for Poor Service Rating
Appbusli.txt  Application for License
Applackn.txt  Acknowledgment of Application
Appttest.txt  Appointment for Testing
Asgnar1.txt  Assignment of Accounts Receivable (With Recourse)
Asgnar2.txt  Assignment of Accounts Receivable (With Non-recourse)
Asgncont.txt  Assignment of Contract
Asgncopy.txt  Assignment of Copyright
Asgndamg.txt  Assignment of a Claim for Damages
Asgndebt.txt  Notice to Debtor of Assignment of Debt
Asgndeed.txt  Assignment of Deed of Trust
Asgnincm.txt  Assignment of Income
Asgnleas.txt  Assignment of Lease
Asgnlein.txt  Assignment of Lien
Asgnlit.txt  Assignment of Literary Property
Asgnsecr.txt  Assignment of Security Interest
Asgnstok.txt  Assignment and Transfer of Stock Certificate
Asgntmrk.txt  Assignment of Trademark
Asgntrdm.txt  Assignment of Trademark
Assgnfrm.txt  Assignment
Authcrre.txt  Authorization
Authmed.txt  Authorization to Participate in Medical Plan
Authnego.txt  Letter of Authorization to Negotiate
B10101.wri  Retainer
B10102.wri  Antenuptial Agreement
B10103.wri  Female Living Will                              
B10104.wri  Life Insurance Policy as Collateral Assignment
B10105.wri  Cardholder’s Billing Error Inquiry
B10106.wri  Irrevocable Trust Declaration
B10107.wri  Cardholder’s Stolen Credit Card Report
B10108.wri  Savings Accounts Assignment  
B10109.wri  Stock Broker Contract
B10110.wri  Affidavit
B10111.wri  Male Living Will
B10112.wri  Motor Vehicle Sale  
B10113.wri  Power of Attorney – Medical Authorization
B10114.wri  Power of Attorney – General  
B10115.wri  Last Will and Testament  
B10116.wri  Contingent Fee Retainer
B10117.wri  Power of Attorney – Special  
B10118.wri  Revocation of Power of Attorney Notice  
B10119.wri  Cardholder’s Lost Credit Card Report  
B10120.wri  Entire Interest in Estate Assignment    
B10121.wri  Life Insurance Trust Declaration
B10122.wri  General Release
B10123.wri  Revocation of Trust
B10124.wri  Revocable Trust Declaration  
B10125.wri  Gifts under Uniform Gifts to Minors Act    
B10126.wri  Revocation of Election under Interal Revenue Code
B10127.wri  Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Share Holders
B10128.wri  Articles of Incorporation
B10129.wri  First Meeting of the Shareholder’s Waiver of Notice
B10130.wri  1st Meeting of Directors Ratification of Minutes  
B10131.wri  Reservation of Corporate Name Application
B10132.wri  Shareholder’s Consent to Initial Elections Corporation
B10133.wri  Waiver of the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders
B10134.wri  The First Meeting of Shareholders Minutes
B10135.wri  Transfer of Reserved Name Notice  
B10136.wri  Offer to Exchange Realty for Shares
B10137.wri  Stock Certificate Assignment
B10138.wri  1st Meeting of Shareholders Ratification of Minutes
B10139.wri  By-Laws
B10140.wri  Annual Meeting of Shareholders Ratification of Minutes
B10141.wri  Issuance of Shares in Exchange for Realty Resolution
B10142.wri  The First Meeting of the Board of Directors Minutes
B10143.wri  The First Meeting of Directors Waiver of Notice
B10144.wri  The Annual Meeting of Directors Ratification of Minutes
B10145.wri  Shareholders Agreement
B10146.wri  The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors Minutes  
B10147.wri  Stock Redemption Agreement
B10148.wri  Notice of Annual Meeting of Directors Waiver
B10149.wri  Annual Meeting of the Directors Ratification  
B10150.wri  Proxy
B10151.wri  Subscription Agreement
B10152.wri  Stock Purchase Agreement
B10153.wri  Buy-sell Agreement
B10154.wri  Boat Rental Agreement
B10155.wri  Employment Agreement
B10156.wri  Real Estate Salesman Contractor Agreement
B10157.wri  Lease
B10158.wri  Storage Space Lease
B10159.wri  Employed Automobile Expense Allowance Memorandum
B10160.wri  Accountant Agreement
B10161.wri  Collection Demand Letter
B10162.wri  Parking Space Lease
B10163.wri  Automobile Rental Agreement
B10164.wri  Business Consultant Agreement
B10165.wri  Bill of Sale
B10166.wri  Contract Employing Real Estate Broker For Lease
B10167.wri  Sale and Purchase Contract
B10168.wri  Assignments of Rents by Lessor
B10169.wri  Extension of Lease Agreement
B10170.wri  Mutual Rescission of Contract
B10171.wri  Non-refundable Deposit Receipt
B10172.wri  Purchase and Sale Contract  
B10174.wri  Single Family House Management
B10175.wri  Modification Agreement
B10176.wri  Installment Note  
B10177.wri  Mortgage Assignment
B10178.wri  Contract for Sale and Purchase of Property Memorandum                                  B10180.wri  Agreement of Mortgage Assumption
B10181.wri  Mortgage
B10182.wri  Contract Assignment for Purchase of Real Estate
B10183.wri  Agreement Between Owner and Contractor      
B10185.wri  Quit-claim Deed
B10186.wri  Agreement of Mortgage Assumption
B10187.wri  Property Management Agreement
B10188.wri  Agreement for Permission to Sublet
B10189.wri  Contract Employing Real Estate Broker
B10190.wri  Furnished House Lease Agreement
B10191.wri  Option Agreement for Purchase of Real Property
B10192.wri  Lease Agreement
B10193.wri  Construction Contract
B10194.wri  Special Warranty Deed
B10195.wri  Option to Purchase Real Estate Assignment
B10196.wri  Rental Application
B10197.wri  Assignment of Lease by Lessee  
B10198.wri  Joint Venture Agreement
B10199.wri  Rent Receipt
B10200.wri  Consent of Lessor
B10202.wri  Overdue Rent Notice
B10203.wri  Assignment of Real Estate Purchase Agreement
B10204.wri  Balloon Mortgage Note
B10205.wri  Promissory Note
B10206.wri  Collection Demand Letter
Bidprop.txt   Bid for the Purchase of Real Property: Probate
Billerr1.txt  Request for Documentation of Invoice
Billsale.txt  Bill of Sale
Billwarr.txt  Bill of Sale: With Warranty of Title
Bocall.txt  Part Arrival Notice, Request to Schedule
Bopickup.txt  Parts Arrival Notification
Buscred1.txt  Business Credit Application
Buscred2.txt  Business Credit Application Form
Canord1.txt  Letter Canceling Unfilled Order
Canord2.txt  Reply Cancelling Unfilled Order
Cantdelg.txt  Notice of Inability to Ship
Cantfill.txt  Notice of Inability to Fill Order
Cantshpc.txt  Return of Purchase Order
Certchk.txt  Demand That Future Payments Be by Certified Check
Certfic1.txt  Fictitious Name Certificate: By Corporation
Certfic2.txt  Fictitious Name Certificate: Partnership
Certfic3.txt  Certificate Due to Change – Partnership
Certfic4.txt  Fictitious Name Certificate – Individual
Certinst.txt  Certificate of Installation, Leased Equipment
Certsaml.txt  Certification of Satisfaction of Lien
Chngdate.txt  Acknowledgment of Change in Meeting Date
Chrgappv.txt  Customer New Charge Card Cover Letter
Chrgchng.txt  Request for Name Change on Charge Card
Chrgden1.txt  Individual Charge Account Denial Letter
Chrgden2.txt  Company Credit Account Denial Letter
Chrgden3.txt  Company Credit Account Denial for Unfavorable Report
Chrgincr.txt  Charge Account Credit Limit Raise Notification
Chrgopen.txt  Company Credit Account Approval Letter
Chrgterm.txt  Charge Account Terms and Conditions Form
Ckinmail.txt  Response to Improper Billing after Payment
Cknotrec.txt  Change of Address Awaiting Refund
Ckretnsf.txt  Notice to Customer of Check Returned Nsf
Claimwav.txt  Waiver of Landlord’s Claim to Annexed Fixtures
Clamdefc.txt  Notice of Claim of Defective Goods
Cnclordr.txt  Notice to Cancel Entire Order
Cnclship.txt  Notice to Cancel Shipment of Back-Ordered Goods
Cnfdfirm.txt  Confidentiality Agreement Between Firms
Cnfdinfo.txt  Confidential Information Agreement
Cnfdwaiv.txt  Waiver of Confidentiality
Codrvexp.txt  Policy Letter on Vehicle Expense Reimbursement
Codterms.txt  Notice of C.O.D. Terms
Colcrep1.txt  Credit Dept Report to Collections on past Due Account
Collinst.txt  Request for Instructions on Deferred Collections
Collrept.txt  Collections Report on Current Status of Debt
Combonus.txt  Company Bonus Letter
Comdiff.txt  Letter to Employee For Handling Difficulty
Comempl.txt  Commendation and Refusal of Request for Raise
Comhotel.txt  Complimentary Letter to Hotel
Commform.txt  Commitment Form (Advertising)
Comstaf1.txt  Complimentary Letter with Individual Commendation
Comstaf2.txt  Letter to Employee on Handling Emergency
Concrmgr.txt  Request to Contact Credit Manager on past Due Account
Conemanv.txt  Congratulations on Employee on 5 Year Anniversary
Confagr1.txt  Letter of Understanding Regarding Terms of Contract
Confagr2.txt  Confirmation of Purchase Agreement
Confextn.txt  Confirmation of Extension of Payment Date
Conftel1.txt  Confirmation of Telephone Report of Problem
Conftime.txt  Confirmation of Interview Appointment
Confverb.txt  Confirmation of Verbal Order
Congachi.txt  Congratulations on Outstanding Achievement
Congachv.txt  Congratulations on Increased Sales
Congdisp.txt  Congratulations on a Job Well Done
Congood1.txt  Contract 1, Goods
Congood2.txt  Contract 2, Goods
Congpro1.txt  Congratulations on Promotion 1
Congpro2.txt  Congratulations on Promotion 2
Congsugg.txt  Commendation on Good Suggestion
Consapp1.txt  Consumer Credit Application
Consapp2.txt  Consumer Credit Application Form
Consign1.txt  Consignment Agreement
Consign2.txt  Consignment Letter
Contprop.txt  Contract Proposal for Services
Crcrdexp.txt  Response to Order on Expired Credit Card
Crdamage.txt  Notice of Credit for Merchandise Damaged in Shipment
Credcanc.txt  Withdrawal of Credit on past Due Account 1
Credext.txt  Credit Extension to past Due Preferred Customer
Credinfo.txt  Request for Credit Information
Crediscl.txt  Disclosure Statement, Fair Credit Reporting Act
Credret.txt  Notification of Returned Merchandise Credit
Crexceed.txt  Request for Payment, Credit Line Exceeded
Critempl.txt  Notice to Employees of Unsatisfactory Behavior
Cusnotho.txt  Letter to Customer Not Home for Service Appointment
Custserv.txt  Customer Service Request Form
Defcgood.txt  Notice of Defective Goods
Deftprom.txt  Letter of Default on Promissory Note
Delacct4.txt  10-day Notice Before Collections on Delinquent Account
Delacct5.txt  Final Demand for Payment on Delinquent Account
Demander.txt  Response to Invoice Received after Payment
Demddate.txt  Demand for Acknowledgment of Shipping Dates
Demddelv.txt  Demand for Delivery
Demdendr.txt  Demand to Endorsers for Immediate Payment
Demdguar.txt  Demand on Guarantor
Demdinst.txt  Suppliers Demand for Instructions
Demdsecr.txt  Demand by Secured Party for Possession of Collateral
Depcorr.txt   Correction of Deposition
Dirbill1.txt  Authorization to Direct Bill for Corporate Guest
Dirbill2.txt  Pre-arrival Letter to Hotel for Corporate Guest
Discoffr.txt  Offer of 2% Discount for Speedy Payments
Dishchek.txt  Notice of Dishonored Check
Dismodel.txt  Reply to Inquiry about Discontinued Model
Dispatch.txt  Notice of Dispatch
Dispbaln.txt  Disputed Balance Notice
Disscint.txt  Discharge of Security Interest
Docsign.txt  Transmittal of Documents for Signature
Emergrec.txt  Personnel Emergency Record Form
Emplagen.txt  Employment Information Form
Emplagre.txt  Employment Agreement
Emplcont.txt  Employment Agreement
Empldec.txt  Thank You to Applicant for Testing
Emplletr.txt  Employment Letter
Emplnon1.txt  Employee Non-compete Agreement
Emplnon2.txt  Employee Non-compete Agreement (Specific Radius)
Emplprom.txt  Notice of Promotion
Emplreim.txt  Employment Reimbursement Agreement
Emplsug.txt  Employee Suggestion for Company Meeting
Emplveri.txt  Employer’s Verification on Loan Applicant
Encsales.txt  Letter of Encouragement to Sales Staff
Eqipleas.txt  Equipment Leasing Agreement
Eqipmain.txt  Equipment Maintenance Agreement
Errshpgd.txt  Notice of Error in Shipment
Escrow.txt  Escrow Fee Worksheet
Escrowre.txt  Escrow Check Receipt
Expnsta1.txt  Expense Account Statement
Expnsta2.txt  Expense Account Statement Form
Finlnotc.txt  Final Notice Before Legal Action
Finlwarn.txt  Final Warning Before Dismissal
Finstate.txt  Financing Statement
Folordno.txt  Letter of Follow up or Duplicate Order
Folpayin.txt  Request for Clarification on Applying Payment
Gencred.txt  Letter of Credit (General)
Genrelea.txt  Release (General)
Granextn.txt  Grant of Request for Extension of Time
Guarinst.txt  Guarantor Instrument
Guarprom.txt  Guarantee
Ifaward.txt  Letter of Appreciation to Employee
Incinsra.txt  Explanation of Insurance Rate Increase
Inclname.txt  Request to Include Landlord in Tenant’s Insurance
Inqresca.txt  Standard Cover Letter in Response to Inquiry
Inqresmo.txt  Standard Response to Inquiry, Mortgage Company
Insbindr.txt  Insurance Binder
Inscussh.txt  Notice of Packing Slip Requirements
Insrefnd.txt  Insurance Refund on Close of Escrow
Insurerr.txt  Response to Notice in Regard to Canceled Coverage
Intpaid.txt  Response to Request for Interest Paid Information
Invnagre.txt  Employee Invention Agreement
Invparty.txt  Going-away Party Invitation and Gift
Invretir.txt  Retirement Party Invitation and Gift (Internal)
Invretpa.txt  Retirement Party Invitation (Guest)
Irrevcr.txt  Letter of Credit (Irrevocable)
Layoff.txt  Notice of Layoff
Leadsale.txt  Sales Lead
Leasamnd.txt  Amendment to Lease
Leasasgn.txt  Assignment of Lease
Leascanc.txt  Mutual Cancellation of Lease
Leasextn.txt  Extension of Lease
Leasnotc.txt  Notice of Lease
Leasshrt.txt  Short Form of Lease
Legovrdu.txt  Letter Notice of Litigation
Liabrele.txt  Release (Liability)
Loanbook.txt  Cover Letter for Loan Book
Mailgood.txt  Letter Order of Merchandise
Mailordb.txt  Notice of Back-ordered Item
Merdelda.txt  Charge Back Application of Discount on Delayed Shipment
Mernostk.txt  Offer to Special Order Merchandise Not in Stock
Merunavl.txt  Long Reply to Inquiry about Discontinued Model
Misssign.txt  Return of Check Missing Signature
Modterms.txt  Acknowledgment of Modified Terms
Mutrelea.txt  Mutual Release
Neginqre.txt  Decline of Venture Offer
Negresp1.txt  Negative Response to Job Candidate Interview
Negresp2.txt  Negative Response to Job Application, No Openings
Negresp3.txt  Negative Response to Job Application
Newacct.txt  Request for Credit Info on New Account
Newvacpo.txt  Notice to Employees of New Vacation Policy
Nobonus1.txt  Notice to Employee Unqualified for Christmas Bonus
Nobonus2.txt  Notice to Employees of Bonus Cancellation
Nocredit.txt  Conversion of Open Account to C.o.d.
Noncgood.txt  Notice of Non-Conforming Goods
Norecret.txt  Request for Proof of Merchandise Return
Noreturn.txt  Refusal to Accept Late Return of Merchandise
Noship1.txt  Good Customer Conversion of Account to C.o.d.
Noship2.txt  Shipments Held until past Due Balance Paid
Notaccde.txt  Notice to Account Debtor of Assignment
Notanmtg.txt  Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Notappel.txt  Notice of Appeal
Notblktr.txt  Notice of Bulk Transfer
Notcanco.txt  Notice of Cancellation of Contract
Notchgad.txt  Notice of Change of Address
Notclein.txt  Notice of Claim of Lien
Notclimt.txt  Notice of Credit Limit, Conversion to C.o.d.
Notcomp.txt  Apology and Tender of Compensation
Notcoptn.txt  Notice to Exercise Lease Option
Notcquit.txt  Notice to Quit for Non-payment of Rent
Notcrecs.txt  Notice of Right of Recission
Notcter1.txt  Notice to Terminate Tenancy-at-will (By Landlord)
Notcter2.txt  Notice to Terminate Tenancy-at-will (By Tenant)
Notdamgd.txt  Request for Replacement of Damaged Merchandise
Notdebto.txt  Notice and Tender by Debtor
Notdefac.txt  Notice of Defects in Goods after Acceptance
Notdeflt.txt  Notice of Default
Notdelb1.txt  Notice of Delay on Back Order
Notdelb2.txt  Notice of Delayed Shipment
Notdeliv.txt  Deliveries Held until past Due Balance Paid
Notdelpo.txt  Notice to Deliver Possession
Notdispa.txt  Notice of Dissolution (Partnership)
Noterrmo.txt  Request for Instructions for Return
Notforcl.txt  Notice of Intention to Foreclose
Notfutdl.txt  Notice of Withholding Future Deliveries
Notimeex.txt  Denial of Request for Extension of Time
Notintse.txt  Notice of Intention to Sell Goods after Breach
Notinves.txt  Disclosure of Investigative Consumer Reports
Notmecli.txt  Notice of Intention to File a Mechanic’s Lien
Notopzon.txt  Notice of Opposition to Zoning Request
Notpayqu.txt  Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
Notquit.txt  30-day Notice to Quit
Notreci.txt  Notice of Recission
Notresco.txt  Letter Notice of Recission
Notresre.txt  Notice of Recission of Release
Notrgtre.txt  Notice of Right of Recission
Notsalbr.txt  Notice of Intention to Make a Private Sale
Notsoltr.txt  Notice of Application as Sole Trader
Notsusde.txt  Notice to Suspend Deliveries and Request for Release
Notterde.txt  Notice to Terminate Aka Account
Notterre.txt  Notice of Termination of Lease
Notunava.txt  Request for Authorization to Substitute
Notwarli.txt  Notice of Intent to Exercise Warehouse Lien by Auction
Notzonap.txt  Notice of Application for Zoning Variance
Nowarren.txt  Response to Request for Service on Expired Warranty
Offrhelp.txt  Offer of Assistance to Family During Employee Illness
Ofrecom.txt  Offer of Letter of Recommendation
Ordinc1.txt  Notice of Receipt on Incomplete Shipment
Ordinc2.txt  Request for Parts Missing from Carton
Ordinc3.txt  Request for Item Missing from Carton
Ovrdacct.txt  Notice of Overdue Account
Ovrdue1.txt  Withdrawal of Credit on past Due Account 2
Ovrdue11.txt Overdue Payment Reminder Letter
Ovrdue12.txt  Second Overdue Payment Reminder
Ovrdue15.txt  Firm Letter on past Due Account
Ovrdue17.txt  Five Day Demand for Payment
Ovrdue3.txt  Third Overdue Payment Reminder
Ovrdue4.txt  Fourth Overdue Payment Reminder
Ovrdue5.txt  Fifth Overdue Payment Reminder, Notice of Credit Hold
Ovrdue7.txt  Letter to Small Businessman in Advance of Collections
Parrepwa.txt  Request for Instructions on Warranty Repair
Payaccts.txt  Payment on Specific Accounts
Paycom2.txt  Good Faith Partial Payment to Creditor
Payencl1.txt  Late Payment Cover Letter
Payencl2.txt  Monthly Partial Payment to Creditor
Payencl3.txt  Friendly Apology for Late Payment
Perdinst.txt  Personal Financial Statement
Pergrant.txt  Permission to Discuss Consumer File
Pestctrl.txt  Pest Control Service Agreement
Photorll.txt  Photo and Recording Release
Photor12.txt  Employee Photo and Recording Release
Pldgpers.txt  Pledge of Personal Property as Collateral Security
Pldgstok.txt  Pledge of Shares of Stock as Collateral Security
Poterms.txt  Purchase Order Letter with Terms
Praisemp.txt  Acknowledgment of Customer Praise of Employee
Prempck1.txt  Pre-employment Checklist
Prempck2.txt  Pre-employment Checklist Form
Priceinc.txt  Notice and Acknowledgment of Service Rate Increase
Pricquot.txt  Request for Price Quote
Prirsecr.txt  Notice to Prior Secured Party
Privsale.txt  Notice of Private Sale of Collateral
Prodinq.txt  Inquiry to Manufacturer on Product Availability
Prodrecd.txt  Acknowledgment of Merchandise Returned for Repair
Prodreta.txt  Acknowledgment of Warranty
Promdemd.txt  Promissory Note (Demand)
Promdisc.txt  Promissory Note and Disclosure Statement
Promguar.txt  Promissory Note with Guaranty
Promlieu.txt  Promissory Note (In Lieu of Open Account Debt)
Promlong.txt  Promissory Note (Long Form)
Promnot1.txt  Promissory Note (Demand)
Promnot2.txt  Promissory Note – Installment
Promnot3.txt  Promissory Note with Acceleration Clause
Promnot5.txt  Note Secured by Deed of Trust (Straight Note)
Promnot6.txt  Promissory Note
Promshrt.txt  Promissory Note (Installment Note – Short Form)
Propwait.txt  Acknowledgment of Receipt of Estimate
Publsale.txt  Notice of Public Sale of Collateral
Pursecag.txt  Acceptance of Purchase Security Agreement
Pwrattny.txt  Power of Attorney
Quitdeed.txt  Quitclaim Deed
Quotcopy.txt  Permission to Use Copyrighted Material
Quotstat.txt  Permission to Use Quote or Personal Statement
R0698.wri  Retainer
R0699.wri  Antenuptial Agreement
R0700.wri  Living Will (Female)
R0701.wri  Life Insurance Policy as Collateral
R0702.wri  Cardholder’s Inquiry – Billing Error
R0703.wri  Declaration of Irrevocable Trust
R0704.wri  Cardholder’s Report of Stolen Credit Card
R0705.wri  Assignment of Savings Account
R0706.wri  Contract with Stock Broker
R0707.wri  Affidavit
R0708.wri  Living Will (Male)
R0709.wri  Sale of Motor Vehicle
R0710.wri  Power of Attorney for Medical Authorization
R0711.wri  General Power of Attorney
R0712.wri  Last Will and Testament
R0713.wri  Contingent Fee Retainer
R0714.wri  Special Power of Attorney
R0715.wri  Notice of Revocation of Power of Attorney
R0716.wri  Cardholder’s Report of Lost Credit Card
R0717.wri  Assignment of Entire Interest in Estate
R0718.wri  Declaration of Life Insurance Trust
R0719.wri  General Release
R0720.wri  Revocation of Trust
R0721.wri  Declaration of Revocable Trust
R0722.wri  Gifts under Uniform Gifts to Minors Act
R0725.wri  Articles of Incorporation
R0732.wri  Notice of Transfer of Reserved Name
R0735.wri  Assignment of Stock Certificate
R0752.wri  Boat Rental Agreement
R0753.wri  Employment Agreement
R0754.wri  Real Estate Salesman Independent Contractor
R0755.wri  Lease
R0756.wri  Storage Space Lease
R0757.wri  Memorandum of Employee Automobile Expense
R0758.wri  Agreement with Accountant
R0759.wri  Collection Demand Letter
R0760.wri  Parking Space Lease
R0761.wri  Automobile Rental Agreement
R0762.wri  Business Consultant Agreement
R0763.wri  Bill of Sale
R0764.wri  Contract Employing Real Estate Broker
R0765.wri  Contract for Sale and Purchase
R0766.wri  Assignment of Rents by Lessor
R0767.wri  Agreement for Extension of Lease
R0768.wri  Mutual Rescission of Contract
R0769.wri  Receipt for Non-refundable Deposit
R0770.wri  Contract for Purchase and Sale
R0771.wri  Management of Single Family House
R0772.wri  Modification Agreement
R0773.wri  Installment Note
R0774.wri  Assignment of Mortgage
R0775.wri  Contract for Sale and Purchase of Property
R0778.wri  Mortgage
R0779.wri  Contract for Purchase of Real Estate
R0780.wri  Agreement Between Owner and Contractor
R0782.wri  Quit-claim Deed
R0783.wri  Mortgage Assumption Agreement
R0784.wri  Property Management Agreement
R0785.wri  Agreement for Permission to Sublet
R0786.wri  Contract Employing Real Estate Broker
R0787.wri  Lease Agreement for Furnished House
R0788.wri  Option Agreement for Purchase of Property
R0789.wri  Lease Agreement
R0790.wri  Construction Contract
R0791.wri  Special Warranty Deed
R0792.wri  Assignment of Option to Purchase
R0793.wri  Rental Application
R0794.wri  Assignment of Lease by Lessee
R0795.wri  Joint Venture Agreement
R0796.wri  Rent Receipt
R0797.wri  Consent of Lessor
R0798.wri  Notice of Overdue Rent
R0799.wri  Assignment of Real Estate Purchase and Sale
R0800.wri  Balloon Mortgage Note
R0801.wri  Promissory Note
R0803.wri  Collection Demand Letter
R0804.wri  The United States Bill of Rights
R0805.wri  The Constitution of the Usa
R0806.wri  Guide to Trademarks
R0807.wri  Avoiding Patent and Trademark Problems
Rcptgood.txt  Acknowledged Receipt of Goods
Rebutfal.txt  Corrections to Derogatory Credit Report
Reclamat.txt  Notice of Reclamation
Recnorep.txt  Recommendation Against Repair
Recomemp.txt  Directed Letter of Recommendation Requesting Reply
Refdupl.txt  Refund of Duplicate Payment
Refempof.txt  Refusal of Offer of Employment
Refexttm.txt  Refusal to Extend Time on Payment of Invoice
Refforem.txt  Response to Inquiry Concerning Former Employee I
Refgoods.txt  Refund for Carefully-packaged Returned Merchandise
Refintr1.txt  Decline to Interview Referred Job Applicant
Refpuror.txt  Order Referral to Local Dealer
Refraise.txt  Refusal of Employee Request for Early Raise
Refsacpt.txt  Notice of Refusal to Accept Delivery
Refshref2.txt  Response to Inquiry Concerning Former Employee II
Refusref.txt  Refusal of Request for Letter of Recommendation
Rejcgood.txt  Notice of Rejection of Goods
Rejcont.txt  Notice of Rejected Bid
Rejcount.txt  Notice of Rejected Counter-proposal
Relinfo.txt  Request for Disclosure on Consumer Credit Investigation
Relorder.txt  Follow-up on Release of Pending Order
Renewdrv.txt  Reminder to Employee to Renew Drivers License
Renewmed.txt  Reminder to Renew Medical Certification
Repinqgd.txt  Reply to Inquiry to Offer Substitute
Replchk.txt  Request for Replacement of Check on Pending Order
Repldamg.txt  Apology and Replacement of Damaged Goods
Repldefg.txt  Apology and Notice of Shipment in Replacement
Represt.txt  Repair Estimate
Repriman.txt  Reprimand
Repwarrn.txt  Request for Warranty Repair
Reqaccre.txt  Request for Credit and Pickup of Merchandise
Reqacct.txt  Request for Information on Credit Hold
Reqadrat.txt  Request for Advertising Rate Information
Reqadvcr.txt  Request for Information from Credit Reporting Agency
Reqadvic.txt  Request for Advice
Reqapprv.txt  Request for Estimate of Appraisal Costs
Reqassoc.txt  Request for Attendance at Meeting
Reqchar.txt  Request for Character Reference
Reqcred1.txt  Second Request for Correction of Billing Error
Reqcred2.txt  Third Letter in Response to Billing Error
Reqdepos.txt  Request for Verification of Deposit
Reqdiscl.txt  Request for Information on Credit Denial (Not Agency)
Reqdiscr.txt  Request for Disclosure of Credit History and Inquiries
Reqdupl2.txt  Request for Refund of Duplicate Payment
Reqemprf.txt  Request for Employment Reference
Reqeval.txt  Request for Contractor References
Reqext.txt Request to Bank for Extension of Time
Reqextgd.txt  Apology and Request for Extension of Time
Reqextns.txt  Request for Extension of Time on Promissory Note
Reqfacsr.txt  Request for Return Authorization
Reqinfap.txt  Request for Credit Application
Reqinfp1.txt  Request for Information on Purchase Order
Reqinfp2.txt  Request for Information on Invoice
Reqinsco.txt  Request for New Employee Insurance Coverage
Reqinter.txt  Request for Employment Interview
Reqliede.txt  Request for Listing of Employees to Be Tested
Reqloa1.txt  Request for Leave of Absence
Reqloa2.txt  Short Request for Leave of Absence
Reqlocat.txt  Request to Locate Former Employee
Reqpaysv.txt  Second Request for Renewal of Service Agreement
Reqpicup.txt  Request for Pickup of Repaired Merchandise
Reqprice.txt  Request for Wholesale Price List
Reqrefd1.txt  Second Request for Refund on Returned Merchandise
Reqrefnd.txt  Request for Refund on Undelivered Merchandise
Reqrepgd.txt  Request for Repair of Enclosed Merchandise
Reqs2pay.txt  Second Request for Payment (10 Day Demand)
Reqsrch.txt  Letter Notice of Job Opening
Reqtrans.txt  Request for Transfer of Insurance to New Location
Reqverem.txt  Job Applicant Employment Verification Form
Resale.txt  Notice of Resale
Resign1.txt  Discreet Letter of Resignation
Resign2.txt  Acknowledged Resignation
Resignat.txt  Resignation
Respcomp.txt  Reply Notice of Reshipment
Respgdlo.txt  Reply Notice of Shipment Being Traced
Respinco.txt  Reply to Notice of Item Missing from Carton
Resprefd.txt  Acknowledgment of Cancellation of Backorder
Resubpro.txt  Resubmission of Proposal
Retdiser.txt  Return of Late Payment and Denial of Discount
Retgdtrl.txt  Return of Product on Free Trial
Retgoods.txt  Request for Full Refund
Retprevn.txt  Notice to Disregard Letter
Retship.txt  Notice on Receipt of Unacceptable Merchandise
Revkguar.txt  Revocation of Guaranty
Revpower.txt  Notice of Revocation of Authority
Rplycrej.txt  Reply to Request about Credit Rejection
Rtrngood.txt  Notice of Return of Goods Sold on Approval
Saleappv.txt  Sale on Approval Acknowledgment
Salecons.txt  Sale on Consignment Acknowledgment
Salesem.txt  Memorandum on Sales Seminar
Schedapt.txt  Appointment for Employment Interview and Testing
Secragre.txt  Security Agreement
Servrec.txt  Recommendation Regarding Repaired Product
Settdisp.txt  Settlement Offer on Disputed Account
Spcredr1.txt  Denial of Request for Quarterly Billing
Spcredr2.txt  Denial of Request for Additional Discount
Specguar.txt  Specific Guaranty
Stopgood.txt  Notice to Stop Goods in Transit
Strtlit1.txt  Notice of Impending Litigation
Strtlit2.txt  Final Notice of Impending Litigation
Subsecdb.txt  Subordination Agreement to Secured Debt
Substamt.txt  Subordination to Stated Amount
Termempl.txt  Termination of Employment
Thnkbid.txt  Acknowledgment of Request for Bid
Thnkbroc.txt  Request for Additional Information Not in Brochure
Thnkevl1.txt  Thank You for Product, Unacceptable, Summary Attached
Thnkevl2.txt  Thank You for Evaluation Product, Product Unacceptable
Thnkevl3.txt  Thank You for Evaluation Product, Declined
Thnkevl4.txt  Thank You for Product, Impressed, Declined
Thnkgen.txt  Thank You for Support During Illness
Thnkhelp.txt  Thank You for Offer to Help, Accepted
Thnkintr.txt  Thank You for Interview
Thnkjob.txt  Thank You for Hiring
Thnkpay1.txt  Thank You for Payment after Phone Call
Thnkpay2.txt  Thank You for Substitute Check
Thnkpo.txt  Shipment Schedule Acknowledgment
Thnkrev.txt  Thank You for Favorable Product Review
Thnksupp.txt  Thank You for Offer to Help Us Campaign
Thnkthnk.txt  Thanksgiving Turkey Distribution to Employees
Thnktour.txt  Thank You for Tour
Thnkunif.txt  Thank You for Uniform Design
Thnkwrit.txt  Thank You for Submission and Request for Revision
Timenote.txt  Time Note
Tocollag.txt  Referal of Account to Collection Agency
Trancoll.txt  Transmittal for Collection
Unerndis.txt  Request for Payment of Unearned Discounts
Unlmguar.txt  Unlimited Guaranty
Unsaperf.txt  Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance
Unslidea.txt  Acknowledgment of Unsolicited Idea
Veracct.txt  Request for Account Verification During Audit
Verempl1.txt  Verification of Employment and L/R
Verempl2.txt  Verification of Employment, Without Reference
Veriacct.txt  Request for Verification of Receivable During Audit
Violwarr.txt  Notice of Violation of Warranty Exclusion
Welnewem.txt  New Employee Welcome
Withdelv.txt  Notice of Withheld Delivery
Xmasbons.txt  Christmas Bonus Letter
Xmascred.txt  Christmas Credit Extension Announcement
Xmasdisc.txt  Christmas Employee Discount Offer


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